Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cubs Quick Hits

- The Cubs have signed Kerry Wood to a one-year deal worth $3M and a option for 2013 of $3M.

- Soriano said he would accept a trade out of Chicago but only to a contender and the place has to fit him and his family well.

- The Yankees are looking for a power bat DH and rumors are circling about a possible AJ Burnett/Alfonso Soriano trade. On the surface the trade makes since because AJ will make $33M over the next two years and Soriano will make $54M over the next 3 so offsetting the money could be a hurdle though. Soriano is comfortable in New York having played there and the Yankees are undoubtedly contenders. This would look like a typical Cubs move but we cannot forget Theo is in charge now not Jim Hendry. Hendry would make this deal for sure but I am not so sure on Theo because it does not follow the direction they are heading.

- Not sure if the Montero/Pineda effects Garza trade value in a good or bad way but it does take the Yanks out of the equation. Several good things that comes out of it is the Tigers, Blue Jays, Rangers (if unable to sign Darvish), and Red Sox are likely to step up their efforts on Garza to make a corresponding splash. One thing that may affect Garza's value is the price of Pineda may have brought it down depending on the other teams involved.

- The Red Sox recently have been the most aggressive in conversations with the Cubs according to sources. I just don't see how the Sox have enough quality prospects to add Garza.

- I believe in the Tigers prospects so much I would trade Garza, Vitters, and McNutt for Turner, Nick Castellanos, and Drew Smyly.

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Jeff said...

I don't know why everyone, yourself included, keeps on talking about possible Garza trades. From what I heard from the horse's mouth is that they aren't actively looking to trade him, and that only if there is a irresistible offer, will they trade him. Why does everyone keep talking about him like he's going to be gone by ST, its just a matter of when and at what price?

Anonymous said...

Dude, leave Vitters out of every rumor you bring up or suggest...The kids gonna be a good player book it!!!