Monday, January 16, 2012

A Rumor Here... A Rumor There

- Wrigley Field is rolling out some changes which you can see here for the 2012 season. I really like the addition without compromising the integrity of the ballpark. I watched what Theo and Co. did to Fenway and I cannot say enough great things about what he did there. If the same thing is done here Cubs fans can be nothing but happy.

- Jason McLeod said the players facilities are a challenge at Wrigley which is obvious. I heard from a really good source that the Cubs Brass including Tom Ricketts have met with architectural designers with the idea of adding player facilities below Wrigley Field itself. This would be a huge undertaking but the source had this encouraging thing to say "The plans they are rolling out and talking about will revolutionize the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field, and MLB in general. Players will want to play here even more, Coaches will want to coach here, and the Chicago Cubs will be looked at as the place to go in MLB."

- Another surprise thing said in CubsCon was the idea of Tommy John rebounding pitcher Robert Whitenack may break ST with the Cubs.

- The Cubs are willing to trade Matt Garza for Jacob Turner and Nick Castellanos straight up says a source. In fact that trade is still being discussed and the Cubs have not backed off that asking price and probably won't.

- According to George Ofman the Cubs are more pressed to trade Garza then others may be reporting.

- In already a great off-season if the Cubs can somehow trade unload Soriano, trade Byrd to get some young minor leaguers back, and trade Garza for Jacob Turner and Nick Castellanos it would be the best off-season in my life-time.

- The Cubs are prepared to make "great" offers to both Jorge Soler and Yoenis Cespedes but are more "in" on Soler because of the Marlins rumored offer for Cespedes could be in the 6 year range around $50M+. If I am the Cubs and I am going to challenge that deal I better be right on how good he is going to be and hope he does not end up like a Kei Igawa or Wily Mo Pena.

- Oh in case you did not know. Prince Fielder is not going to happen! I expect him to sign a 6+
year deal worth over $175M with the Nationals.

- So as I am finishing up here a tidbit comes across my inbox that says the Cubs and Yankees are discussing a Ryan Dempster for Phil Hughes swap with the Cubs paying part of Dempster's contract. This would be another move for the future if it in fact happens; not to mention a wonderful move for the Cubs. You can find the 25 year old Hughes stats here.

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Mrs. Moran's Class Intro Blog said...

Has hughes overcome his drop in velocity issues from last season?

Mrs. Moran's Class Intro Blog said...

Has hughes overcome his drop in velocity issues from last season?

Andy said...

Sorry if I double posted this but I was wondering if hughes' arm strength was still a concern after he seemed to lose some velocity last year? Thanks for the updates!