Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Maholm, 40-Man, Wood, Hoyer, Garza, and More..

-The Chicago Cubs have come to terns with left-hander Paul Maholm on a one year deal worth $4.25M and an option for 2013 at $6.5M with a 500K buyout. This is an exceptional deal giving the fact most media outlets including myself thought the Cubs would offer a guaranteed two year deal worth something in the teen range. This is a great deal for the Cubbies.

-Because of this move the Cubs roster now is at 41 so a roster move must be made. Some guys that could be dealt, DFA, or released are Maine, Gaub, Coleman, or Mateo.

-Kerry Wood coming back to the Cubs is now looking less likely. On CSN he sounded like a guy that is ready to move on by saying great things about the Cubs and Chicago but said it around the saying “that will never change” which means someone maybe moving on.

-Earlier reports suggest Theo wants Wood on a 1 year deal worth about 2 million while Wood wants a 1 year deal worth market value which is 5 million or so. I hope in the end whether it is a million or 5 million he ends up on the north side of Chicago.

-Jed Hoyer still hopes to sign Kerry Wood and knows how much he means to the fan base.

-Jed says he offer Wood a substantial raise to the $1.5M he signed last year.

-Hoyer said he will prepare Shark as a starter but will be still open to sending him back to the bullpen depending on moves they do and don’t make between now and Opening Day.

-Hoyer said the Maholm signing is not a precursor to any other move. Did anyone expect him to say something different?

-Theo and Jed are in the same boat as the fans wanting to get a deal done with Kerry Wood to bring him back to Chicago for next year and beyond.

-David Kaplan shook the twitter world yesterday saying the Cubs and Tigers talks about Matt Garza progressing and later stated he means talks are past the preliminary stages which to me are is not a big rumor. A preliminary stage to me would be conversations after expressing interest.

-Rumors are circulating that the Cubs want both Jacob Turner and Nick Castellanos in a trade for Garza. It is unlikely that will happen unless Theo is a miracle worker.

-I sent a tweet out yesterday purposing a trade that would send Matt Garza, Geovany Soto, and Carlos Marmol to the Yankees for Jesus Montero, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, and Dante Bichette Jr. To me that would be ideal for both teams but the Yanks would have to go over the luxury tax to get that done. Something they are hesitant about.

-The Cubs are interested in bring back Rodrigo Lopez on a minor league deal. Theo and Co. were hell bent on adding depth to the rotation this year.

-According to Brett at Bleacher Nation talks between the Cubs and Tigers are progressing well but nothing is imminent.

-I am hearing the Rangers may come in to try to trade for Garza if they cannot sign Darvish. Rangers have a great farm system and the Cubs could ask for guys like LHP Martin Perez, 3rd Mel Olt, RHP Neil Ramirez, CF Leonys Martin, etc. The Cubs could also ask for young big league talent for Texas like Alexi Ogando or Matt Harrison.

-If the Rangers do not sign Darvish then I think the Yankees, Tigers, Rangers, and Jays are the only matches for the Cubs in a Garza trade. Other teams are either in the same division, do not need Garza or not in contention, or do not have the farm to acquire him. Yes I excluded the Red Sox from that list because they do not have the players the Yanks, Tigers, Rangers, and Jays have. So they are about as likely as the Astros acquiring Garza.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

I do think Garza is gone to Detroit
for 3 or 4 pitchers. The reason Soto and Marmol are still cubs, is nobody wants them. And Montero does not fit the cubs plans. He is a DH or back up catcher at best. He
can hit but can't field. This has been an intresting year so far.

Anonymous said...

One reason your trade proposal won't work is that Dante jr, can't be traded until June. He was drafted in the 2011 draft, so he must stay with the drafting team for one year before they could move him in any kind of deal.

Another reason it won't work, the Cubs would be giving up way too much for those 4 guys. Granted they are great high level guys to get back, but with the talent you are suggesting the Cubs send away, they should get at least 7-10 prospects back. If you consider Garza is worth 4 top prospects, Marmol is worth 3 good to high level guys and Soto another couple. You are not getting nearly enough, regardless of the ceilings for the talent you are offering up.