Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Guys Leaving and their Replacements

- Jim Hendry explains his approach to the trade market in the Des Moines Register which I don’t completely agree with. I think players like Colvin, Dempster, Baker, DeWitt, Byrd, Marmol, and players like that should be dangled while players like Castro, Barney, Jackson, and other youth should be untouchable. You can find the link here

- CubbiesCrib takes a look at Hendry’s Trade Metric and applies it to this team and I think they do a great job of doing so.

- Foxsports has some of the latest on the possibly of changes in the front office-

Speculation persists that owner Tom Ricketts might hire Hall of Fame inductee Pat Gillick as club president. In theory, Gillick could retain Hendry, and the two could work together to fix the club. But the entire idea seems far-fetched; Cubs fans want change, and both Hendry and manager Mike Quade seem likely to be replaced.

The real intrigue would begin once Ricketts began his search for a new GM.

White Sox assistant GM Rick Hahn is generally regarded as the game’s leading GM candidate, but many in the industry believe that the Cubs’ job also might draw interest from some of the game’s top current GMs -

Now the Cubs have had a slew of rumors that indicate that Quade and Hendry are likely to be on their way out with their replacements rumored from Gillick to Beane to Cashman to Hahn for Hendry and Sandberg replacing Quade. But I am going to go out on a limb here and state by the start of next season you will not see Hendry, Kenney, Quade, or any of the coaching staff besides maybe Jaramillo gone. I think Ricketts has had enough of this and is listening to the fans thus making changes.

- Soriano did not know he had a NTC but he probably won’t have to be using it because his trade value is low. Soriano did say he would not stand in the way of the Cubs trading him.

- Ramirez will likely not waive his NTC until August when his family goes back to the Dominican Republic for school.

- Big rumor states the Cubs are planning on offering Ramirez a 3 year deal worth 40 million dollars plus incentives to see if he really wants to remain a Cub. A friend of Aramis said he would would want a similar contract to what Adrian Beltre got from the Rangers (5 years 80 million) on the open market. I have not problem extending Aramis just not beyond 3 years or 50 million but I can see him getting 5 years 80 million from a team like the Angels or Reds.

Slow day for Cubs rumors, maybe the calm before the storm?

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Anonymous said...

Much better post....Actual facts or comments on actual a side note, the Cubs would be crazy to sign ramirez again to that much money. He is in the ladder part of his career and if its not a discounted price its time to say goodbye. Prince, a true leadoff man, a closer so marmol can go back to the 7th and 8th where he belongs, and a new manager should be at the top of the cubbies list