Tuesday, July 19, 2011

28 under 28: Giants, Nationals, and A's

In this post of “28 under 28” we take a look at the Giants, Nationals, and Athletics.


Brandon Belt-1st/OF-Giants

Brandon Belt busted on the scene this year with the Giants and is considered their 1st baseman of the future but things did not go according to plan. Belt has been up and down a couple of times this season and has played LF and 1st for the ML club. Belt is not showing the promise the Giants expected and is only hitting .211 with 1 homer. The Giants could use Belt as trade bait to improve their offense which has been struggling without Posey. The Giants could target a guy like Pena or Ramirez and dangle Belt to land one. Brandon Belt could be the 1st baseman of the future and would still allow them to make a run at Prince Fielder since Belt is only 23 years old. Or they could just go with youth and start him full time at first in 2012.

Trade- 30%


Derek Norris-C-Nationals

The Nationals defensive catcher that has been compared to Pudge is more defensive minded than offensive but his HR numbers don’t support that. This year he is hitting .196 with a .352 OBP and 12 homers in 64 games in AA. He also is sporting a 37% CS rate and a .991 Fld%. In 2010, his CS rate was at 51% which his unreal. The Nationals would likely be looking for upgrades in their outfield and could target guys like Ha, Golden, Marwin Gonzalez, and/or Tyler Colvin. Norris could be the franchise back stop the Cubs are looking for since Soto does not seem to be the real deal.

Trade- 10%


Chris Carter-1st-A’s

While Chris Carter has been in the league since 2005 he is only 24 years old and still has good upside. Carter is never going to hit for average or HR but could provide the Cubs with depth in their farm system at 1st. Oakland could be looking at a young arm for their bullpen or some upgrades in the outfield. Carter is a career .281 hitter with a .378 OBP and 158 homers in 7 seasons in the minors. He would be a nice piece for the Cubs system but not a necessary one.

Trade- 15%

Up Next on “28 under 28” we look at the rest; Indians, Jays, White Sox, Phillies, and Dbacks.

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Anonymous said...

Viciedo has already showed that he in no way is a major league third baseman or he would have been starting there over bum morel all season. He is destined for corner outfield position which is not a big need for us with colvin(assuming he hits again in bigs like he is again in minors), jackson, sczur, campana(4th or 5th outfielder type) the future of cubs outfield with a probable big free agent in the mix with all the money we will have to spend coming off the books in the next couple years.

Anonymous said...

Good post to bad there few and way far between... the next post you send is going to be old news because you dont keep your site up to date