Friday, July 22, 2011

Cubs Round-Up: Signings, Soriano, Ramirez, Gillick

- The Cubs have signed Paul Hoilman and Trevor Gretzky. The Cubs are also very close to signing Shawon Dunston Jr. and Dan Vogelbach.

- According to Bruce Levine the Cubs are willing to absorb a high percentage of Soriano’s contract to get him traded. Soriano is owed 60 million over this year and the next 3. It is undetermined what high percentage the Cubs could be talking. I think the Cubs would eat close to 30 million to get a deal done.

- The Red Sox must have heard the news because they are interested in Soriano if they cannot land Carlos Beltran. The Red Sox would use Soriano in a platoon area in RF and DH. He would also provide insurance for Ortiz incase they do not sign him to an extension.

- Aramis Ramirez will stay a Cub according to ESPN Chicago and said he will not waive his NTC. The Cubs are now rumored to be preparing an offer for Aram to stay in Chicago for 3+ years.

- Several teams have interest in John Grabow and Marlon Byrd.

- Fukudome is drawing interest from several clubs but most notably the Indians who are looking to upgrade defense and depth in their outfield.

- The Cubs will not trade 3 of their outfielders. Only two are likely to be dealt this season and the most likely to hang on is Marlon Byrd because of his presence in the clubhouse. Not to mention he is a great mentor to the other younger outfielders and players.

- The Suntimes has a piece on why the Cubs should keep Jim Hendry. Although I give Wittenmyer credit on taking the opposition, I don’t know how you can sell that to fans without them tearing it apart.

- So while some media outlets shot down the rumor or Gillick and Hahn coming to Chicago; I have the exact opposition. Sources have indicated that Ricketts does have a short list of “baseball people” he wants to come in and help the organization. The list includes the usual suspects and some new names as well-

Billy Beane

Josh Byrnes

Rick Hahn

Pat Gillick

Brian Cashman

Mike Arbuckle

Ned Collett

Al Avila

Jason McLeod

Ben Cherington

Andrew Friedman

It should be noted that by “baseball people” the list is likely to include a replacement for President, Vice President, GM, and other baseball execs. A name that is extremely intriguing is Mike Arbuckle who was the mastermind behind the Phillies World Championship team by drafting Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, and Cole Hamels. He also drafted guys like Pat Burrell, Scott Rolen, and Randy Wolf. He should be strongly considered as a GM or at the very least an assistant GM role. He is currently the senior adviser to GM Dayton Moore.

- Bruce Levine reports today that Pat Gillick is open to talking to the Cubs. Gillick told the Sun-Times Thursday that although he is happy with his consulting job with the Phillies he would be open to leaving for a president level position with the Cubs or another team. Gillick is the ideal Cubs President and I hope Ricketts can make it happen.

- If the Cubs do clean house I think the Cubs should have short list for the President and GM positions. Pick two of Billy Beane, Rick Hahn, Pat Gillick, Brian Cashman Mike Arbuckle, and Andrew Friedman and I think the Cubs would be set in management for years to come. I see Rick Hahn and Arbuckle not in the running for President but I can see the entire list being candidates for GM.

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RoughRiider said...

That the Cubs have signed Paul Hoilman is old news. He’s played 34 games at Boise already.

Christopher T said...

Hey man - the Cubs signed Paul Hoilman (pick #19) a while ago. Yes, Trevor Gretzky (#7) was recently signed. However, several higher drafted players have been signed since Hoilman. Aside from Gretzky, they include Zeke DeVoss (#3), Neftali Rosario (#6), Trey Martin (#13 - seeking confirmation), Rafael Lopez (#16) and James Pugliese (#18). Also, Shelden McDonald (#33) and other lower drated players have been signed since Hoilman. So, Hoilman being signed is not breaking news.

What/where is your source for the imminent signing of Dunston, Jr.?