Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Pena, Gorzelanny, Webb, Davis, and more....

Here are some notes from Day 3 at the Winter Meetings-

- The Cubs have officially sign Carlos Pena to a one-year deal worth 10 million dollars. Some of the money will be deferred. I must be going against the grain here but I think it is a good deal for the Cubs. The money maybe a little steep but I think the move from the AL East to the NL Central along with going to a hitter friendly ballpark will increase his numbers. Not to mention Rudy Jaramillo might be able to really help his swing. I expect Pena to hit around a .250 avg with 35 homers and 100 RBI next season. Looking at the market, if he puts up those numbers next season then he will be worth over 10 million a year for his next contract.

- Bruce Levine says the Cubs are interested in Ray’s pitcher Matt Garza. The Rays are indeed shopping to reduce payroll and gain prospects in the process. He is owed a pay raise from the 3.35 million he made last season. Levine does not say what the Rays are asking for but the rumor is the price is somewhat high at the moment. If the Cubs traded for Matt Garza he would be under team control through the 2013 season.

- The Cubs are aggressively shopping Gorzelanny and the Tigers are dangling Armando Galarraga in a trade for him.

- The Cubs called on Greinke but they are looking for a mid-level rotation type guy according to Jon Heyman.

- The Cubs may still try to swing a deal for Chris Davis and Darren O’Day. Rangers are still awaiting word from the Cubs.

- A source of mine says don’t rule out the Cubs getting a third team involved to acquire Matt Garza. The source said a deal that would send Garza to Chicago could send Gorzelanny to Detroit and prospects from both to Tampa.

- The Giants are looking for a “6th pitcher” in their rotation, basically a swing guy. Another Source says the Cubs could send Jeff Baker and Tom Gorzelanny to the Giants for Mark DeRosa and a midlevel prospect. DeRosa would assume the usual utility role for the Cubs. Money is close to being even in the deal. He did say a trade like this would mean the trade with Texas would not take place.

- If the Cubs trade Gorzelanny and do not receive a pitcher in return; look for them to acquire at least two pitchers, either via trade, free agency, or both.

- The Cubs might be close to acquiring Brandon Webb on a one-year incentive laden deal with a mutual option for the following year according to my source.

- It is very possible the Cubs could make a deal for Garza, then trade away Gorzelanny, and then sign Brandon Webb. Not necessarily in that order. That would be a nice rotation! Zambrano, Dempster, Garza, Webb, and a battle for the 5th spot.

- Now that Cubs have acquired their power hitting lefty they will push hard to trade Fukudome so they can give the full time gig to Tyler Colvin in RF.

- The Cubs could attach Fukudome to Gorzelanny in a trade to get him out of Chicago. We saw a similar thing happen when the Cubs traded Aaron Miles and Jake Fox to the A’s.

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Anonymous said...

They need a lefty SP

Ron said...

I would rather see the Cubs trade Randy Wells instead of Gorzelanny. He's our only lefty in the rotation at this point. I understand he probably has more value than Wells, but that's just my opinion.
Also, I say we make the deal for Garza and sign Webb. Zambrano, Garza, Demspter and a healthy Webb make a tough 1-4 in the rotation.

Ron said...

I would rather see the Cubs trade Randy Wells instead of Gorzelanny. Gorzelanny is our only lefty in the rotation as of right now. The only way I would want the Cubs to trade him is if we made a deal for Garza. Garza, Dempster and Zambrano make a solid top 3 in the rotation as long as Zambrano pitches like he did at the end of last season.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

As we all know most rumors are just that. They never happen. I don't think Cubs are trying to get Greinke or Garza, though it would be nice. I also think teams have asked about Gorzelanny, but he's not going anywhere either. The only starter cubs are trying to get is Webb. And he won't be ready
by spring training. The cubs hope Silva starts out strong so they could trade him and let Cashner start. But they need bullpen help.
O'day and Fraser rumors make the most sense to me. Just my two cent worth.