Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rumors Rounding out the Week.

- The Cubs are still very interested in trading for Matt Garza. The Rays said they are not pushed to trade Garza but will save at least 6 million by trading him now rather than the deadline.

- A Garza trade will likely include 4 prospects that are close to ML ready that are not in their arbitration years. Robinson Chirinos, Hak-Ju Lee, DJ LeMahieu, Brandon Guyer, Jay Jackson, Chris Carpenter, Trey McNutt, and/or Josh Vitters could be apart of a package for Matt Garza.

- Players that won't be included in a Garza deal are Chris Archer, Starlin Castro, Tyler Colvin, Brett Jackson, and Andrew Casher. They are untouchable according to Hendry.

- According to multiple reports Brandon Webb is the Cubs top target and he is expected to meet with the Cubs this week. His decision is expected to be made before Christmas with the Cubs and Nationals the top landing places for the former Cy Young award winner.

- Sources say if the Cubs sign Webb they will likely still try to land Garza because Webb does not cost players just money. If the Cubs do trade for Garza and sign Webb that means Gorzelanny has already been traded or will be soon traded after those transactions are completed.

- One source says do not be surprised if the Cubs make a flurry of moves before Pitchers and Catchers report. He says "it is not impossible to think that the Cubs could trade for Garza, sign Webb, and complete the long rumored trade with Texas that would net them Darren O'Day and Chris Davis to the Cubs." If that happens without giving up Colvin, Cashner, Castro, Brett Jackson, or Chris Archer then I would give Hendry an A this off-season.

- The Cubs are still interested in trading for Jason Frasor. Please do not make this move!

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

With 130 million budget cubs can't sign anyone unless they trade someone first. Davis and O'Day could be possible because they would trade players with about the same salaries. To get Garza or Webb they would have to trade Fukudome,Silva or Garbow. Trading Gorzelanny or Wells doesn't make sense cause they don't make enough to help the budget. If cubs had 6 million to spend they would be going after Hudson or another 2B man who could lead off. A good lead-off hitter, a couple relief pitchers and alot of luck and the cubs could make the playoffs.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Today i went to MLBTR and after reading all the rumors under each team i feel Cubs are getting no new players. Unless they get some useless has beens like Grabow. Tex. gets LEE, NYY get Greinke, TOR. gets Garza and WASH. gets Webb, Cubs are not getting Davis or O'Day either cause texas now have 2 catchers.
The reason we are not making any trades, is because the cubs will not trade their young players. And that maybe a good thing. Lets enjoy watching the kids play.

manny said...

I really think if the cubs make those moves we will compete in the national league and It wont be a lost season!

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Finally some good news Cubs are getting Wood back.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Wood is comming back to chicago to spend more time with his 2 families. First family and most important is his wife and kids. Second is the cub family. He turned down 3.5 million from the white sox. And who knows how much he would of been offered from the red sox or yankees. I have always loved Wood as a player and as of what I read a great person. I wish that i could win the lottery so i could pay him what he's worth. I personaly would like to thank you for signing with the cubs.
As for Hendry and the Rickets family I think you are useless FM#%#&*^$%&%#*#%S. You could give Grabow 7.5 million (7.36 ERA 26IP)
last year but can only come up with 1.5 million for Wood. Most of you know me on this site, and i have stuck up for Hendry when everone was knocking him. NEVER AGAIN WILL I STICK UP FOR HIM. YOU GUYS WERE RIGHT IT'S TIME FOR HENDRY TO GO. This wasn't my usual 2 cents worth. It's more like 50 cent worth.