Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cubs will benefit from Oswalt and Cliff Lee? More...

- The Chicago Cubs may have to send thank you cards to Roy Oswalt and Cliff Lee later this season. Both pitchers are creating a ton of buzz around MLB with teams like the Rangers, Red Sox, Yankees, Mets, Nationals, Braves, Rockies, etc targeting them. After both pitchers get traded to their next teams before the deadline it is likely the teams losing out on both will target the next best thing. The Cubs have pitchers like Silva, Dempster, Gorzelanny, and Lilly that those "losing" teams could trade for. Especially if a team like the Yankees get Lee and the Braves get Oswalt then the Mets and Red Sox are likely to overpay for a guy like Dempster and Lilly. One thing is for sure the Cubs should be receiving a ton of calls here in the coming weeks.

- The Cubs have suspended Zambrano indefinitely for his tirade in the dugout that included a verbal altercation between him and Lee. This is the first signs of fire this team has had all year but it still did not result in a win. Hendry said Zambrano conduct was not acceptable and it is becoming a tired act. I have to agree with Jim. Jim Memolo speculated that the Cubs will do everything in their power to trade Zambrano.

- The Cubs do want to trade Fukudome but are not actively pursing it according to media reports. They will only trade him if it benefits the Cubs in one way or another.

Lets face it, the Cubs need to blow up this team and start with a young core. They need to follow the template of what the Tampa Bay Rays did and are doing. It seems like it is the only way to become successful unless you out spend everyone like the Yankees!

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