Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Rumors....

- CCO.com has a really good update on the Cubs minor league farm system on a weekly basis. Check it out here

- Scott Miller has an interesting look at being a manager of the Chicago Cubs. He also gets some good quotes from Dusty Baker and Lou Pinella. It is a good read and can be found here.

- The Braves are interested in adding an outfielder and have some interest in Luke Scott and David DeJesus. I received an anonymous rumor yesterday that stated the Braves and Cubs have had brief discussions about Nady and Fukudome. No word on what other players were included or if it even got to that point. But I will keep you updated.

- Rotoworld labels Adam Everett, Cesar Iztruis, and Ryan Theriot as possible replacement for the injured Troy Tulowitzki. I would also add Mike Fontenot to that list as well.

- Santo will cut back on traveling for Cub game and also future games according to CCO.com.

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Anonymous said...

You're anonymous source is bogus because the Braves have an organizational policy against players having no-trade clauses, which Fukudome has, although only limited to 15 teams