Friday, April 02, 2010

2010 Infield Projections...

Here is my Chicago Cubs Infield Projection for 2010-

1. Geovany Soto- I expect Geo to have a bounce back campaign but will not equal what he did his rookie year. I still expect power numbers to be down but his average and RBI to go up. He is one of the 3 keys to the Cubs offensive success this season and I think he will deliver.

.268 Avg.
.350 OBP
13 HR
59 RBI
21 2b
41 Runs
120 Hits
2 SB

2. Derrek Lee- I expect Lee to put up numbers close to last season but with his power numbers decreasing some. He will be solid again and should net himself an extension with the Cubs or payday in the FA market with his nice numbers.

.301 Avg.
.370 OBP
30 HR
94 RBI
34 2b
90 Runs
169 Hits
1 SB

3. Mike Fontenot- He will have a nice year this year but will not have the type of season Lou and staff had in mind when naming him starting 2nd baseman. He will still do OK.

.262 Avg
.339 OBP
6 HR
32 RBI
18 2b
31 Runs
97 Hits
4 SB

4. Ryan Theriot- Theriot will do what Theriot does just about every year. Put up solid numbers up and play with heart. He should be right around where he was at last season.

.290 Avg
.350 OBP
4 HR
48 RBI
22 2b
80 Runs
169 Hits
20 SB

5. Aramis Ramirez- Can he stay healthy? I say yes! This year we will finally see the Aramis we all know he can be. I expect great production out of him and playing a ton of games in his first healthy season in a while.

.309 Avg
.388 OBP
35 HR
115 RBI
41 2b
88 Runs
168 Hits
1 SB

6. Koyie Hill- He will do OK for a backup and will not dazzle you with his number of ABs or stats.

.220 Avg.
.299 OBP
1 HR
12 RBI
5 2b
8 Runs
26 Hits
0 SB

7. Jeff Baker- I expect him to do decent off the bench but will not compare to the numbers he put up last year with the Cubs.

.269 Avg.
.330 OBP
5 HR
26 RBI
18 2b
29 Runs
64 Hits
2 SB

8. Chad Tracy- I think he will do well in limited duty for the Cubs as well as a pinch hitter. He will put up similar numbers to Baker.

.277 Avg.
.334 OBP
5 HR
30 RBI
16 2b
31 Runs
71 Hits
0 SB

All together the Cubs infield will fare very well in 2010 with a breakout season from Aramis and solid year from Soto and Lee should put them in the hunt for a playoff spot. Should be very fun to watch in 2010 if they all stay healthy.


Nick I Cub Fan said...

Did you forget Castro he should be playing some this year.

cubsfan82 said...

We are all assuming he is but I was just running down the 25 man roster projections.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Ben Goessling is reporting the nationals and cubs are talking trade for Fukudome.