Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 Outfield Projections

Here is your 2010 Outfield Projections for the Chicago Cubs-

1. Alfonso Soriano- Sori will have a bounce back year after injured plagued him all of last season. He will go hot and cold this year just like last season but I think Rudy will really help him a lot. I think you will see more homers and a decent average. All in all I think he will have a good season for the Cubs.

.275 Avg.
.319 OBP
31 HR
85 RBI
35 2b
81 Runs
160 Hits
21 SB

2. Marlon Byrd- I expect him to put up great numbers at Wrigley this year. I think his power numbers will decline but his OBP and Avg. will increase going to the weaker NL Central. He will be as close as you can get to the amount of money shelled out by the Cubs for him.

.300 Avg.
.361 OBP
14 HR
65 RBI
34 2b
60 Runs
140 Hits
8 SB

3. Kosuke Fukudome- He will not have a break out season because he will lose playing time to Tyler Colvin. Fukudome will play good defense, have a good OBP, but a low power, and a little bit higher Avg. gets him ridding the pine with Colvin getting more time in RF.

.260 Avg.
.375 OBP
7 HR
45 RBI
20 2b
51 Runs
101 Hits
7 SB

4. Xavier Nady- He will see some time in LF but I will take into consideration he will not get a ton of time in the outfield early on and plus will mainly play against lefties. I also will take into consideration that he is injury prone so his games will not likely reach 130 games. He will still produce good numbers though.

.280 Avg.
.340 OBP
16 HR
61 RBI
21 2b
53 Runs
118 Hits
2 SB

5. Tyler Colvin- I may have came down with Colvin fever and have rose colored glasses on but I think he is the real deal. I expect him to tear up the NL Central this season and win the Rookie of the Year Award. His stats show why......

.305 Avg.
.333 OBP
29 HR
87 RBI
39 2b
79 Runs
171 Hits
20 SB

The Cubs outfield will fare much better this year with the addition of Tyler Colvin and Marlon Byrd along with a healthy Soriano. Nady will get hit for good numbers in while I think Fukudome will struggle again this year. All in all they are going to have a good year in the outfield.

Here are the combined Outfield stats for the Cubs-

.284 Avg. (total)
.345 OBP (total)
97 HR (total)
343 RBI (total)
58 SB (total)

While our outfield looks pretty slow there power is definitely there and a decent OBP as well. I like our outfield this season and the projections I posted should put us in the middle of the pack for productive outfields in baseball.

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Anonymous said...

So our outfielders are going to play 631 games? I understand substitutions and pinch hitting count as games played, but I don't think you looked at it that way. Also, there is no way Nady plays 120 games this season. Also, please get someone to proofread. Another outstanding post...

wax eagle said...

Did the mlb schedule expand to 200 games and no one tell me. You have over 600 games here for 3 spots. I can understand factoring some defensive replacement and ph abs. but you really think that at least 4 of these guys are going to get into every game this season? I can't see that with both Tracy and Fontenot or Baker on the bench. You might want to rethink this.

cubsfan82 said...

Thanks to all for catching that. Did it late last night lol... It is too hard to predict games so I just got rid of those projections.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous. There is no way this will happen. A few of your prediction will be close. But you are giving the cubs way more than they really will. Colvin will not come close to putting up those numbers. I believe he will have a good year but not hit that many homeruns with that many RBI's. Rethink again.

Anonymous said...

Why do you guys read his postings if you are just going to tear them up????? I like his work!

Anonymous said...

Wow I hope you're right with these predictions. I just can't see Nady going into the season hurt and as the 4th outfield hitting 16 home runs and 61 RBI, that would be amazing though.

Same for Colvin, I know the guy tore the cover off the ball this spring, but he's still going in as the 5th outfielder and a rookie, so I don't see him coming even close to the 29 homers, 87 RBIs.

I think if BOTH of these happen, as you have predicted, the Cubs run away with the Central.

Go Cubs!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to put your projections in perspective. Based on the individual averages and hits, your projecting 2419 ABs give or take a few. Last year, LF,CF and RF for the Cubs totaled
.254/.339 56HR 201 RBI on 1855 ABs.

In what would be considered one of the Cubs better outfields in the last 10 years when they had Alou/Patterson&Lofton/Sosa in 2003, they totaled .284/.344 with 84HR and 297RBI with Alou and Sosa being the Big RBI guys batting 3/4. While I'm optimistic about the Cubs outfield and eager to see Tyler Colvin, I think you need to re-evaluate your projections. A good year for Colvin will be around .280 with 15-20 HR and 65-85 RBI. He is only a Rookie.

GSCM18 said...

I don't know how old you are, but I'm not guessing very old based on your Colvin projections. Use a little common sense here. How are Soriano's numbers, Byrd's, and Nady's gonna be what they are and Colvin hit 29 homers? Colvin hasn't hit more than 15 in the minors, and you have him turning into a slugger playing a few times a week. I see Colvin at about .260 5HR 30 RBI. He won't be as great as everyone thinks. Remember, he did all this in ST, which doesn't really matter.