Saturday, April 03, 2010

2010 Chicago Cubs....

The 2010 Chicago Cubs are an interesting bunch, they definitely do not have the additions of big named players like they had years ago with Lilly, Soriano, etc. Things this team does have is a better hitting coach, solid players, better bench, and big expectations for their big contract players. Things this team does not have is a strong bullpen, strong back half of the rotation, and of course distractions named Milton Bradley. All in all this team will fare well in 2010 I think. Lets break them down some-

Pitching Rotation-

While the Cubs are far from having a strong rotation it does have a nice top 3 and will be better when Ted Lilly gets back. One thing the Cubs may have to address during the season or at the trade deadline is finding a stronger 5th starter. I think Marshall, Gorzo, and Silva just do not cut it for a 5th starter on a playoff team, so the Cubs will have to make an addition there. Overall the Cubs rotation will be solid but not spectacular and should always keep them in games.


This is the weakest part of the Chicago Cubs. This pen is full of inexperienced youngsters and an unproven closer with hardly any veteran leadership. I think the pen will determine whether the Cubs win or lose games this year. This is another area they will have to develop throughout the year. But they could make me look bad if they come out a preform well, although I do not see it.


One of the strongest areas for the Cubs this coming Season. They will provide the Cubs will late inning rallies and power off the bench. It is hard to consider Tyler Colvin a bench player but he will start there until the Cubs grow tired of Fukduome. Chad Tracy and Xavier Nady bring experience and pop of the bench while Baker gives them versatility. I am truly pleased with the Cubs bench this Season.


You cannot complain about this infield (besides 2nd base). When you have Lee and Aram starting at the corners and a nice hard worker in Theriot at SS it is hard to say anything bad about them. They will be solid once again and if Aram can start 140+ games like I think he will you might be chanting MVP in August.


Alot of people pick the Cubs outfield to falter and not produce any more than last year. I think they are wrong! Soriano healthy, Marlon Byrd's addition to CF, and Tyler Colvin's surprising Spring has to get you pumped up. You have a nice outfield that will produce solid numbers while playing decent defense. Hard to ask for more.

2010 Cubs Regular Season Record
86-76 - Wild Card Winners - Lose in NLCS to Phillies

Cubs MVP-
Aramis Ramirez

Cubs Best Pitcher-
Carlos Zambrano

Other Awards-
Tyler Colvin- Rookie of the Year

That is your 2010 Chicago Cubs....

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