Monday, March 01, 2010

Lee Wants To Retire A Cubs... Other Notes...

- I may have been to hard on Derrek Lee in the past and tried to trade him in many scenarios to make this team better (what I thought was better). But let me say I am wrong for doing so, and now I am in full support to have Derrek Lee signed to an extension. Derrek Lee came out today and said there is mutual interest in him staying in Cubbie blue by signing an extension after the Season. Derrek told Paul Sullivan he wants to retire a Cub but does not want to be a distraction so they will wait until after the Season. If DLee puts up numbers equal or better than last year expect the Cubs to fork over 10 million a year for two years, which he deserves!

- The Rangers are looking for infield help so why not offer Mike Fontenot and his 1 million dollar contract go to the Rangers for a PTBNL and fill his role with the gifted glove of Andres Blanco?

- Soto felt like he let down the Cubs, his teammates, fans, and himself in 2009. That is why he transformed his diet and hired a personal trainer. We could learn a lot from Geo.

- Thomas Diamond sent Soriano a gift in the form of a fastball in the ribs. Ouch!

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