Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Cubs Close to Signing Juan Yasser Serrano

UPDATE @ 7:00 PM- The Cubs did sign Juan Yasser Serrano to a 250K contract. It is now also known that he is 22 years old.

First reported by, the Cubs are close to signing Juan Yasser Serrano to a 250K contract with the Cubs. MLBTR is saying that he has in fact not signed yet but his representatives and the Cubs are in discussions. I do not have a ton of information on Serrano except he is a 20 year old right-handed pitcher and that he throw pretty hard hitting 93 during his tryout for the Cubs.

I will have more on this as it becomes available.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

Everyone keeps talking about Fuld and Snyder as the 5th OFer. Look a Colvin today 3 for 3, 2 doubles and a homer.