Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Notes From Today....

- The Cubs pitching rotation for the first game will start with Randy Wells. Wells will pitch two innings followed by Marshall, Mathes, Parisi, and Caridad.

- Angel is feeling better. He threw 30 pitches today and will throw off a mound on Monday. His shoulder if feeling much better.

- Sweet Lou prayed for the Cubs. Did not realize Lou was spiritual, good man!

- Lou will give his young kids playing time, check his leadoff options, and make up lineup ideas over the next weeks. It should be noted that Soriano is slotted in the 6th spot.

Here is some good notes from Wittenmyer on XM-

- Lilly's health will have an impact on the pen.

- The Cubs regret trading Micheal Wuertz, they really could have used him this season but had to cut payroll for guess who??? Milton Bradley!

- 5 guys will battle for two spots in the rotation. He names Gorzelanny, Marshall, Silva, Parisi, and Samardzija. I think Tom will win a spot with Marshall in the pen, Silva on the DL, Shark in Iowa and I am unsure about Parisi. Two other guys that could have a shot according to other media outlets are Jeff Stevens and Thomas Diamond.

- Nady will not be on the DL to start the season but will be limited to pinch hitting. Nady even said he could play some CF for the Cubs.

- Wittenmyer said something very interesting. He said this season could be a transition year for the Cubs. With some veteran contracts expiring, a couple of good prospects near ready for the show, and Sweet Lou's unsure future. If the Cubs are out of the playoff race near the deadline I would not hesitate to trade some expiring contracts for young talent. Not to mention guys like Brett Jackson, Hak-Ju Lee, Josh Vitters, Starlin Castro, and many young pitching prospects are waiting in the wings to take over everyday jobs for the Chicago Cubs. I would be perfectly fine going into next season with Josh Vitters at 1st, Hak-Ju Lee at 2nd, Starling Castro at SS, and Jackson in CF with Ryne Sandberg the manager. I would be fine with that! I have not felt this confident about our young stars in quite some time.

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Joe said...

The flip side is interesting as well. If the Cubs are battling for a playoff spot, will they pull the trigger and trade some or alot of their top talent to make a run in 2010? Its an extra thin line to walk because of all the expiring contracts at the end of this year. Another playoff bust like 08 and 09... and suddenly we're looking at 2011 potentially minus D Lee, Lilly, Ramirez while also having traded away the replacement kids to try to win in 2010.