Thursday, February 04, 2010

Not Much Going On.....

Here is what we have, honestly it is not much-

- Carlos Marmol avoided arbitration today agreeing on a deal worth 2.125 million.

- The Cubs and Theriot called off negotiations and will likely go to arbitration. Theriot is wanting 3.4 million in his first year of arbitration with the Cubs offering 2.6 million. Ryan has not budged and neither has the Cubs. Theriot made 500K last season and looking for a unworthy raise of 3 million bucks. I do not blame the Cubs for not moving on the 2.6 million they offered, that is even too much I think. Theriot on the open market would likely only see a one year deal worth 2 million. He is a below average shortstop, with no range, and lacking arm. The Cubs should win the case easily.

- Kevin Gregg could have made the Cubs search for a reliever much easier. Gregg signed an one year deal worth 2.75 million to be the Jays closer. This could spark more talk between the Cubs and Jays about Frasor. I am still all for Frasor for Guzman because of the health concerns Guzman has.

- Nomar is looking to play in 2010 and I think the Cubs should offer him a minor league contract with invite to ST. Nomar could compete with Baker, Fontenot, Millar, Hoffpauir, Tracy, and Blanco for backup spots on the team. Nomar can play 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and SS and to me would be more valuable than Fontenot (who I am not a fan of).

- With Hudson only signing a one year deal worth 5 million I expect players like Adam Kennedy and Felipe Lopez to sign for less money than that. I would not be surprised if one of them fall into the Cubs lap for 2-3 million. By signing them they could then use Theriot as trade bait and start Castro at SS. I think the Cubs need to just name Castro as their starting SS wiether or not Theriot is on the Cubs..

- The Cubs are still very much interested in Noah Lowry and Kris Benson but are also keeping tabs on Jarrod Washburn.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

Here is my guess at the starting line up.

Tracy-Fuld-Hill the other 3
Surprise picks to make the team Castro-Snyder


Surprise pick for starter Diamond


Surprise picks Gaub-Parker
I would really like to see Castro, Snyder and Gaub make the team.