Monday, February 08, 2010

Cubs Rumors.....

- According to Carrie Muskat the Cubs are still searching for a right-handed reliever.

- did their homework once again and has the latest info on the Cubs minor league system. I have to say I am excited about the thought of Starlin Castro and Hak-Ju Lee being our middle infield of the future and having Lee be our leadoff hitter. Kudos to ChicagoCubsOnline!

- Single game tickets for the Cubs go on sale Friday, February 19th.

Here is a little prediction fun, name your 2012 starting lineup.... Here is mine...

1. Hak-Ju Lee SS
2. Starlin Castro 2b
3. Carl Crawford RF
4. Aramis Ramirez 3b
5. Soriano LF
6. Soto C
7. Josh Vitters 1st
8. Brett Jackson CF

What does yours look like? Some notable free agents are Prince Fielder, Adrian Gonzalas, and Albert Pujols for the 2012 season and Adam Dunn, Derrek Jeter, Carl Crawford, Manny Ramirez, and Jason Werth after the 2010 season.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...


And if some how they can move Soriano then Burke and Guyer platoon in left.
I also do not see Guzman being traded for Frasor or Downs. Toronto is looking for a back up catcher and a 5th outfielder, they have plenty reief pitchers.

Anonymous said...

i remember a few years ago your lineup for 2010 including, felix pie, ronny cedeno, bobby brownlie, mark prior, hee seop choi...among others....stop getting excited over the cubs minor leaguers... the cubs are terrible at developing talent, much less evaluating what they have.

cubsfan82 said...

Anonymous your comment is just plain stupid because Prior, Cedeno, Brownlie, and Choi would have never all been on the 2010 team.

Last time I checked our farm system was rated in the top 10 in baseball and worth getting excited about. Yes I made a mistake about Pie but he looks like he may be turning a corner with the O's doing well after the break.

Last time I check Wood and Prior did well, both being plagued with injuries through out their career.

I have never said Cedeno, Brownlie, and Choi were ever good.

Time to really look at our farm system and realize that is not just the fans hyping up the players but also media and scouts.

Mark my words that Castro and Lee will be the REAL DEAL!

Anonymous said...

I might have to agree with anonymous...even though you are wrong, those players would have never been on the same team, the cubs do always make huge deals out of their talent and they never deliver. I myself am not being fooled by this new batch of pretenders either.

Anonymous said...

When is the last time the Cubs had FOUR home grown position players in their lineup? Or in Nick's case FIVE! Come on buddy, unless it was a year that they were terrible with September call-ups, it has been a LONG time. I'd have to agree with anonymous on the fact that the Cubs' farm system is being way over-rated. They are always ranked near the top-ish in farm systems, they just can't produce big league position player talent...plain and simple. I like to find ways to believe too I love the Cubs...but that's a little ridiculous.

tim said...

Just going by position
C- Soto
1b- Vitters
2B- Lee
SS- Castro
3b- Aramis Ramirez
Lf- Sorinao
CF- Jackson
RF- Byrd (Burke if we can get rid of Byrd)

Dave said...

I wonder if they will try and keep Vitters at 3B and move Aramis to 1B to try and keep him healthier. I can't remember what they did with Vitters last year, but maybe they have already tried to transition him to 1B.