Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Latest From Levine....

Here is the latest from Bruce Levine and the slow rumor mill...

- Bruce says that Castro would be better at SS for the Cubs next season and moving Theriot to 2b would also improve them up the middle.

- The Cubs are looking to add a veteran set-up man to take pressure off Jeff Gray, Caridad, and Guzman. I understand the idea but I do think these guys are ready for the show.

- The Cubs will not add a pitcher around Spring Training unless it is a trade. Levine also said the Cubs have had no interest in Kris Benson.

- Keep an eye on John Gaub and Jeff Gray. I expect both to make the Opening Day roster with a good Spring.

- Jeff Samardzija will be only looked at as a starter. He has been hurt by being flipped back into a reliever then a starter. He will likely start the year in AAA unless a injury occurs.

- Levine said he would offer Lilly and Lee short extensions to stay in Chicago. I agree both on a one or two year deal would be great for the club. If I could not extend them then there is no doubt I offer them both arbitration.

- The Cubs are always looking to add depth to their roster.

- The Cubs will give young players every chance to make the team in camp but will scout other players in camp as well.

- Aram and Soriano should be ready to go when position players report according to Hendry.

Here is Bruce Levine's Opening Day starting lineup for the Cubs-

1. Fukudome RF
2. Theriot 2b
3. Lee 1st
4. Aram 3b
5. Byrd CF
6. Soriano LF
7. Soto C
8. Castro SS
9. Zambrano P

Here is mine-

1. Theriot 2b
2. Castro SS
3. Lee 1st
4. Aram 3b
5. Soriano LF
6. Fukudome RF
7. Byrd CF
8. Soto C
9. Zambrano P

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

Anonymous, read the post it said prediction fun name your 2012 lineup. Fun
In reality i believe cubs will trade most of their tallent.
Wuertz-IP-78.2 H-52 BB-23 SO-10
Aardsma-IP-71.1 H-49 BB-34 SO-80
There are over 20 players in the big leagues that started in the cubs farm system. And of those only Wood, Patterson and Pie were ever rated high by scouts not in the cubs sys. Now there was Dunston and Prior but they are not playing now. This year Castro, J.Jackson, Cashner, Vitters, A.Jackson and Lee are rated very high. That's six players. If my memorey is right i think we traded Nolasco, Pinto and Willis for D.Lee. And none of them were rated high.

Anonymous said...

Please notice that my comment was about position players since you guys are making lineups for the future. Although they aren't the greatest on pitching talent either and Nolasco, Pinto, Mitre, or Willis are far from great. Nolasco still yet to be seen with a good upside but we've seen the hype before. Willis had a GREAT first 3 months in the bigs and since then he has been average at best. Wood=Over-rated. Didn't Win 15 games once in his career. Corey Patterson, very very over-rated. This guy was supposed to be a 30/30 guy. His swing is terrible. Mark Prior was burnt out from all those years of college abuse. Felix Pie...haha, wow. Yes, pitching has been a little better, but hitters wise, the Cubs are terrible at developing hitters. Maybe this new guy will spread a new philosophy throughout the organization and make some changes. We'll see. Bobby Brownlie, Matt Murton, and Brian Dopriak were others I can think of off hand. We'll See

Joe said...

Actually I think D Lee was traded for Hee Seop Choi straight up.

Nolasco and Pinto were traded for Juan Pierre. But I agree they haven't really amounted to much.

Willis... I forget who he was traded for... but at least in 2003 it wasn't good for us.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Thanks Joe

Anonymous said...

i believe willis was traded for borowski and matt clement...