Monday, February 01, 2010

Hoff On His Way Out While Millar Comes In?

- According to Jerry Crasnick the Cubs have reached an agreement with Kevin Millar on a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training. The Cubs signed Chad Tracy last week so him, Kevin Millar, and Micah Hoffpauir will battle for the power bat coming off the bench and spelling Aram and Lee.

- There has been speculation that the Kevin Millar and Chad Tracy signing signals the end of Hoffpauir in Chicago. The Cubs could trade him or have him start in AAA but with the versatility of Millar and Tracy, Hoff will likely be traded. I speculate that Hoff is traded, Tracy makes the team, and Millar starts the season in Iowa.

- The Cubs may have interest in recently designated outfielder Willy Taveras. The Cubs have Sam Fuld as their current 5th outfielder but Taveras brings more speed, better glove, and arm but is a right handed bat, which may be a deal breaker. The Cubs will not claim him because of the 4 million he is owed this season but a trade could be on the horizon if the Cubs are interested.

Here is a crazy trade idea on a slow day-

Cubs get Luis Castillo, Brad Hawpe, Oliver Perez, Jason Frasor, and John Maine- 50 million take on- subtract 60 million- saving 10 million in contract value.

Mets get Todd Helton, Fukudome (Cubs pay 15 million of contract), and Ryan Theriot- 55 million take on- subtract 40 million- adding 10 million in contract value.

Rockies get Lyle Overbay (Jays pay 4 million of contract) and Carlos Zambrano (Cubs pay 10 million of contract)- 47 million take on- subtract 44 million- adding 3 million in contract value.

Jays get Angels Guzman, Micah Hoffpauir, and Mets minor leaguer- 3 million take on- subtract 6 million- saving 3 million in contract value.

Do you have a crazy trade? What do you think of mine?

Cubs lineup

Castillo 2b
Castro SS
Lee 1st
Hawpe RF
Aram 3b
Soriano LF
Byrd CF
Soto C


Nick I Cub Fan said...

Dempsters first year his ERA 7.08
Lillys first year his ERA 7.61
Zambranos first year his ERA 15.26
Samardzijas first year his ERA 2.28
as a reliever. Then the cubs wanted him to be a starter, cause
he's a work horse. They wanted him to learn a third pitch. I think he makes the team as a starter and does well.

Anonymous said...

I personally like it and think it's one of the most creative trades I've seen with the most people involved that I've seen in a long time.

Git' 'er done!!!

Anonymous said...

that trade idea, is a flat out joke...We get nothing in return, except another power guy, like hawpe who has no leadership qualities...Just what we need on this team...we also give up a lot for getting nothing in return...Why do you keep on incisting the cubs get castillo, as he hasnt done anything since, he played for the Marlins.You not get it...With that trade idea of giving up zambrono and theriot, you will have the boring est bunch of non leadership guys on one team in history...And why would we want two mets pichers to begin with...Its obvious that there no good cause there always trying to add multiply starters.

Joe said...

Anonymous... I dont know if you can call Z and THeriot leaders... as much as I like them (Theriot more than Z).

But I agree this deal doesn't make sense (and I know you said it was a crazy idea on a slow day). As inconsistent and clubhouse tantrum Z has been the last couple seasons, a rotation that has already lost Harden and will be missing Lilly in April can't afford to be subtracted from without having added another quality arm, much less the default ace of the staff. I like Demp and Wells, but they dont quite have the it factor that strikes fear in the opposing line up. Z at least has that potential, although I know we have not seen it enough. Without having gotten a guy like Halladay or Cliff Lee this off season, we have no choice but to stand pat with Z and hope he finally puts together a complete season and a post season run.

I love Theriot, but he can be upgraded over in the form of Hudson. I can understand your desire to pursue Castillo, but it looks like it cant happen. Unless the two teams can even out salary without including salary dumps (ie Castillo for Hauf (cause I think the Mets need options at 1B), and some other kids. Maybe even Fuld to back up an injury prone Beltran since the Cubs may be purusing Will T?

I still say get a vet arm in the pen first (Chan Ho park!) and then worry about an upgrade at 2B. Worst case scenario I think we can be in contention with the IF options we have right now and then we can look for upgrades in July as well. But a questionable pen lacking veteran arms could put us in an early season hole that will make it hard to crawl out of as the season progresses.

Anonymous said...

I look at your page daily and this is my first comment. I like the thought you put into trade senario's but i don't see the Cubs doing squat before ST. I would like to see them offer Prior something like AAA minimum and see what comes of it. This guy was a stud when healthy. I feel he owes us, and maybe...just maybe he comes back to form. But i could also be dreaming : )