Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wow What A Week! Updates!

Sorry for such a long delay right in the thick of things baseball wise. We finally closed on our house and have been moving/unpacking for the past week. I want to thank everyone for their comments and concerns (no Nick I, I do not need bail money lol).

Lets get to it!

- The Cubs inked BJ Ryan to a minor league deal. This is a great move for the Cubs because it allows them to be more balanced in the pen if he does in fact get his stuff back. Not to mention it is a very low risk, high reward move!

- The baseball General himself, Peter Gammons thinks like other teams "the Cubs will do something," he believes.

- The Cubs will not be in the Roy Halladay sweepstakes because they like their pitching depth and do not want to take on the money or give up the prospects for him. That could change if a one of their top of the rotation guy goes down.

- The Marlins may find themselves as sellers in the the next week depending on what the do. The Cubs are to be said looking for a big time bat that plays middle infield so no wonder why names like Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla, and Jorge Cantu appeal to the Cubs.

- Another player that has surfaced on the Cubs radar is Julio Lugo. The Cubs, Cardinals and Mets have shown some interest according to Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald. The Sox would have to pay the majority of this salary to get a deal done for the Cubs.

- The Cubs also really like George Sherrill but so does about 8 other teams.

- The Cubs signed SS DJ LeMahieu.

That is it for now Cub Fans!

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Anonymous said...

have we not realized yet that the Cubs are beyond repair for this season? They possibly are beyond repair for the next couple unless we do something about the hole sin the lineup. It is clogged with Soriano, Bradley, and Fukudome. It is time to try and dump these clowns even if it means eating some salary. Adding people for this year is a waste of time. Even if they were repairable, they are going after scrubs to repair it with anyways. Ryan? Lugo? Come on. Be real. Florida is not parting with any of those guys, especially with the Cubs depleted farm system. Get Real Cub fans!