Monday, July 13, 2009

Cubs Sale Info and Eyeing Relievers...

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According to a report from CSN Chicago, the sale of the Chicago Cubs to the Ricketts Family is completed and the deal should be officially announced on Monday.

According to the report from Dave Kaplan, "the two sides reached an agreement last week and sent the contract to Major League Baseball for approval." The deal is expected to be approved by August with the Ricketts taking over control soon after.

Reports surfaced on Monday morning that the team could file for bankruptcy in order to expedite the sale.

Stay tuned ... This appears to be the final step.

- The Cubs really like BJ Ryan who is expected to clear waivers today. Ryan who is 1-1 with a 6.37 ERA this season. The Cubs reportedly would use him as a lefty specialist but would first have him pitch in the minors to get he velocity and control back.

- The Cubs are very interested in Matt Herges as well. With an ERA of 3.55 and fewer hits than innings pitched no wonder they like him.

That is it for now Cub fans!


Ace said...

Matt Herges is far more intriguing than BJ Ryan. And that ain't sayin' much.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I sure hope the Ricketts family cleans house when it comes to managers, hitting coaches, and batting coaches. AZL, Boise, Peoria, Daytona, AA, and the Cubs none are playing over 500 baseball.
Only AAA is and thats 2 games over 500. Just because Sandberg could play doesn't mean he could coach.
And maybe now the Cubs will sign all those lefty starters they drafted.

VolPowers said...

Well done! You called it perfectly 72 hours before it was done-congrats!

Anonymous said...

cubs sign BJ Ryan

Nick I Cub Fan said...

You have been gone about a week, are you OK, do you need bail money?

Cubbiefan07 said...

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