Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Unfounded Rumors- Jeff Clement to Cubs? Cubs Involved in Three Way? UPDATES!!!

Update 7-29-09 @ 3:15- It looks like Sanchez maybe heading to the Giants. Kovacevic says there could be a deal in place depending on what the Giant find out about his knee. This effects the Cubs because the Giants are the only other team that is serious about Teahen. If the Giants get Sanchez then that would end their Teahen pursuit.

UPDATE 7-29-09 @ 3:00 pm- Jeff Clement was traded just not to the Cubs but to the Pirates. The Mariners acquire Wilson and Ian Snell for Clement, Ronny Cedeno, Aaron Pribanic, Brett Lorin and Nathan Adcock.

Interesting deal for the M's and Pirates.

I have talked to my source about the potential 3 way deal that involves the Pirates, Cubs, and Royals. She says it seems possible and have heard the Cubs are "working hard" to get both Teahen and Grabow but says "nothing is finalized as of now." More to come as this develops.

There has been some major "unfounded rumors" bouncing around this morning that are very interesting. Lets take a look-

- Reported early this morning by Ryan Divish of The News Tribune catcher Jeff Clement was removed from the Tacoma Rainers lineup last night that was not injury related. The Cubs have not been linked to Jeff Clement yet this season but his services may be needed considering how many games Koyie Hill has catch recently. Clement a Midwest native, might be insurance in case Soto is not progressing or has a set back. Clement has bounced between AAA and the Bigs but has done a pretty decent job with the glove because he has a career .995 fielding percentage in the Majors.

- Are the Cubs, Royals, and the Pirates working on a three way deal? I am hearing that the deal would include the Cubs getting John Grabow and Mark Teahen while the Royals would receive Tom Gorzelanny and a PTBNL from the Cubs. The Pirates then would get 4 prospects/minor league guys that could include guys like Welington Castillo, Hak-Ju Lee, Jake Fox, or even Ryan Flaherty. We have heard that the Cubs had interest in Gorzelanny in the past week so could they have just been interested in him as a trading chip? We have also heard here at HSC that the Cubs have been in constant contact with the Pirates and that they like Mark Teahen, coincidence? Maybe not!

This are rumors I have heard talked about on the radio as well as on the message boards. I can neither confirm or deny this reports but will research them and either dismiss or confirm them as I come across information. Although I do hear and see a lot of rumors daily, I only give you the most "likely to happen rumors" under the "Unfounded Rumors" title and back it up with past rumors and links.

I will update you as soon as I know if the rumor lives or dies.


waldo7239117 said...

I in favor of the trade and if it is true or not it could happen because:

Piates/Cubs have been talking Grabow and the Cubs love Teahen and have always want hi.

The Cubs need Heilman or Samardzija out of the bullpen and that is where Grabow will go.

Anonymous said...

don't take this wrong in anyway what so ever, how old are ya?

Anonymous said...

Clement is going to the Pirates in a Seattle-Pittsburgh deal involving Jack Wilson. Ronnie Cedeno is on the move again with this trade. Cubs not involved.

Anonymous said...

i think that will be a horrible trade because Hak-Ju Lee is suppose to be amazing!

johnd des moines said...

jeff clement traded to buc's

cubsfan82 said...

27 years old. Not taking it the wrong way at all. I encourage my readers to ask me questions it they are curious about who I am.

cubsfan82 said...

Thanks for the info regarding the Jeff Clement trade anonymous.

Joe said...

Considering how little teams have given up for some of the names that have changed uniforms (Sanchez for one prospect, Cliff Lee for a collection of prospects not including names like Happ and Drabek, DeRosa for almost nothing), I cannot help but keep saying the Cubs have no room to make moves with the unsettled ownership. How can you argue with a guy like Cliff Lee who will make $9 mil next year not coming our way considering what Philly gave up? I'm no expert on prospects when you compare them side by side to other organizations, but you telling me guys like Vitters and Samardzija wouldnt have been enough to make the deal? It all comes down to the added payroll, not the prospect talent.

Dont get your hopes up on Sherrill.

If we are able to do anything at all we are looking at Teahen and Arthur Rhodes as the lefty pen arm addition.

But I dont see how dealing for Teahen really gives us that much of an upgrade over the over populated IF positions of Fonty, Baker, Blanco, etc. I'm not saying any of these guys or platoon combo of these guys is better than Teahen, but is the slight upgrade by dealing Teahen really worth the effort and prospects? If we were talkin Freddie Sanchez its another story...