Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cubs Rumor Rollercoaster...

- John Perrotto says the Cubs have stepped up their efforts to get John Grabow but may not have the prospects the Pirates want. I find that hard to believe.

- Paul Sullivan talked to Soriano who said the Cubs do not need to make any major traded. After looking at the game last night they need an upgrade at 2nd base. I would also add one lefty reliever and maybe a starter if we do not have to pay a ransom for one. Here are my guys: Mark Teahen for 2nd base, George Sherrill for lefty reliever, and Doug Davis as starter.

- The Cubs are in regular contact with the Pirates according to sources.

- Two new names on the Cubs radar is Scott Downs and Mark Kotsay. I really like Downs!

- The Cubs should inquire on Ben Zobrist who has been hitting the snot out of the ball.

More to come on a busy week!


ivorybanger15 said...

I'd love to see Zobrist a Cubbie. I'd also love to see pigs fly.

Anonymous said...

why in the hell would Tampa Bay, whoif u didnt know is contending for Wild Card, trade Zobrist who is cheap young and an All Star...that was dumb...and do you expect the cubs just to sell the farm for all 3 position upgrades? no

Anonymous said...

What about Scott Kazmir? If the Rays are trying to trade him, what would it take?

tim said...

Mark Kotsay traded to white sox.