Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bruce Levine Update....

Bruce Levine has the latest from the Hot Stove.

- The Cubs need to add a lefty reliever and he says they like John Grabow the best with George Sherrill, Joe Beimel and Athur Rhondes also on their radar. I like Sherrill out of those four but Grabow has really good numbers this season.

- He also says Lou would like a versatile player like Mark Teahen (a personal favorite of mine). The Cubs did try to add Teahen earlier this winter but KC pulled him off the table. With them now out of contention the Cubs could get him for a top prospect. I suggest a guy like Ryan Flaherty, Jay Jackson, or Alessandro Maestri straight up for Teahen. They could also send Fontenot and a lesser prospect and probably get Teahen.

- Doug Davis, Jon Garland,and Tom Gorzelanny are on the short list of pitchers that Jim Hendry is looking at before the deadline. I would love Doug Davis out of the 3. With a 3.76 ERA and 100 Ks his record could be better than 5-10. Not to keen on the other two unless we can get them for really cheap.

- Scouts from Oakland, Milwaukee, Detroit, the White Sox, Baltimore and Toronto were in attendance to watch the Cubs and Reds this weekend. Interesting group although I can see the Sox and Jays maybe scouting the Reds rather than the Cubs.

I am hearing from multiple sources that the Cubs will be "very busy" at the deadline adding and subtracting players. Guys like Aaron Miles are just dead weight and will likely be sent packing.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

I don't see cubs making any big trades, maybe a few small ones. I like coming to this site to see the rumors, rumors are fun even if most don't happen. And i like reading other peoples ideas. Some are real good others are so bad it makes me feel smart. I seen it here first Fukudome, Bradley, Miles
so who knows which ones will happen
just enjoy the site. I do.