Friday, March 13, 2009

Cubs Sign German... Cut Players...Etc

-The Cubs today signed Esteban German today to a minor league deal. He was released by the Royals last week after he cleared waivers. The Cubs will have him battle for the back up third base vacancy.

German is nothing special. He hit .245 with 22 RBI and 7 SB last season. He is basically an older Ronny Cedeno in my opinion. If anything he just adds depth in AAA. I do not see him winning a competition against Scales, Koskie, or even Rivas.

- Larry Rothchild got tossed out of a ST game today. Sweet!

- The Cubs sent Richie Robnett, Brian Schlitter, JR Mathes, Matt Smith, and Steve Clevenger to minor league camp.

- Lou says the Cubs closer, backup catcher, and 5th stater spots will be named in about 1 week. He said everyone will know their place. Closer will be Kevin Gregg, backup catcher will be Koyie Hill, and the 5th starter will be Aaron Heilman. Those are just my opinions. I wonder if Lou is leaning toward Hoff and Gathright?? Gathright and backup 3rd guy?? Hoff and backup third guy??

- Speaking of Heilman, he will get the start tomorrow. I hope he pitches well because I really want to see him in the rotation!

- Koskie will undergo a physical, then should get in some games.

- According to David Kaplan the White Sox offered Nick Swisher for Fukudome this off season. I do not know if I would have made that trade even though I am a Swisher fan!

- Here are my three wild card guys that could make the pen: Jose Ascanio, Waddell, and Patton. Watch out these guys my pitch their way into the pen!

More to Come!!!


Anonymous said...

What are you talking about???? Marshall has only given up 1 ER all spring! Heilman is too inconsistent over his career to be starter.

cubsfan82 said...

Lou needs another lefty in the pen. If they put Waddel in the pen with Cotts then Marshall can be in the rotation. Otherwise you have to go with Heilman in the rotation and leave Marshall as the long reliever and spot starter in the pen. He is just to valuable in that role to take him out of it in my opinion.

But if the Cubs have another lefty in the pen with Cotts then I do think Marshall should be in the rotation. Otherwise no.

Plus Heilman has only been a starter early in his career. I think he will have a Dempster like season if he is converted to a starter and start 30 games.

Just my opinion though.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I don't think cubs could go wrong with either Heilman, Marshall or Caridad.