Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cubs Scouting Angels, like Brandon Wood.

The Chicago Cubs are currently scouting the LA Angels and like what they are seeing from Brandon Wood according to one source close to the Cubs. Wood has only had 183 career at bats at the Major League level, mainly because Chone Figgins and other middle infielders are taking a potential roster spot for him. Brandon Wood was once one of the Angels top prospects in their system and has not made that big of an impact on scouts or the Angels to trade Figgins in favor for him.

So far this Spring he has show a lot of improvement (.417 AVG .417 OBP 2 Homers 8 RBI and 2 SBs in just 25 ABs) along with the ability to play all over the infield. His main position is 3rd base but he can also play SS and 2b. Some scouting reports stat that he could handle first base as well but has not seen a lot of time there.

The Angels may look to trade him for some relief pitching or a minor leaguer or two with more than just one option left on their contract like Wood has. The Angels did shop Chone Figgins this winter but did not find a suitor willing to pay their high asking price, so that leaves Brandon Wood the odd man out. Especially with their infield depth of Aybar, Kendrick, Izzy, Figgins, Quinlan, and Morales.

The Cubs could be shopping Angel Guzman, Luis Vizcaino, Kevin Hart, Bobby Scales, or one of their prospects to the Angels for Brandon Wood. Lou has made if publicly known that he wants a righty power bat off the bench that can play third base well and Wood fits the bill very well.

I am all for any of the players above being involved in a deal for Wood.

I will keep you updated as always!


waldo7239117 said...

The player I really like and always want hime to make it is Jose Ascaino, he has been throwing really good. He also has major league expierence and can throw like Guzman and is better than Vixcaino.

What do u think

Jordan C said...

i would be sad to see

scales go

cuz i think if given a shot he could be a good piece to a team

Anonymous said...

Where did you hear they were interested in Brandon Wood?

cubsfan82 said...

I heard it from one of my reliable sources. The same one that tipped me off on Crosby.

Anonymous said...

I will beleive it when I see it. Is this the same source that said the Cubs are in on Sheets? I dont see this happening from when I hear on XM-Home Plate. They make it sound like he will take over in LA at 3rd next year.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I would like to see cubs get Wood. The angles have the best bull pen in the majors. And their top ten prospects 7 are pitchers. In my opinion if cubs make a trade with angles it will be for a 1B man or back up catcher. Hoffman and/or Castillo for Wood. Last year at AAA
in 395 AB's Wood hit 31 HR's. Hoffpauir at AAA 290 AB's hit 25 HR's. Looks like an even trade to me.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of getting Wood, much better than that of getting Crosby or even the move the Cubs made today to get German or even the signing of Koskie. Wood is a good ball player, but playing for the Angels with all of the talent they have, he has gotten lost in the shuffle.

Omar said...

Wood would be awesome. (pun intended)
But have you heard anything new?