Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Angel Guzman Suitors.

The Cubs might be in a position they could trade some of their pitching. We have already heard Luis Vizcaino name today and now Angel Guzman is getting some of the trade talk attention. Angel Guzman is not pitching well this Spring and has been injury prone his entire Cub career. Guzman is finally healthy but is now out of options, so if he is not looked at a guy that would be in the Cubs pen he could be traded or put on waivers.

Guzman's stats this Spring has been anything but good. He has pitched 4 innings, gave up 5 hits, 4 ER, 2 SO, 1BB, and a 9.00 ERA. He has really struggled with his command and Cubs scouts think he may be trying to hard. One thing that makes him very attractive is his 95 mph fastball, good slider, and decent change up. He is only 27 years old and very cheap. The other thing that makes him appealing is that he can be used as a starter, long reliever, middle relief, set-up, or a poor man's closer. He is very versatile and a lot of teams find that, along with his upside, very appealing!

The Cubs have received "numerous" calls on Angel Guzman according to sources with some stating that the Indians and Padres as potential trading partners.

The Indians are looking to trade for pitching by dangling some of their young position players out there. They may want more of a seasoned starter but could go with a young fireball pitcher with upside like Guzman. The Cubs could look at some guys like Trevor Crowe, Eric Berger, or Chuck Lofgren.

The Padres really do not have too much to offer considering one GM says half of their 25 man roster looks lost this offseason. Besides making a trade for Jake Peavy or Adrian Gonzales there are not too many names that jump off the page for me. The Padres really need good young inexpensive pitching so they should jump all over Guzman. Some names in the Padres system I would not mind looking at are Cedric Hunter, Allan Dykstra, and Simon Castro.

If the Cubs make Guzman move available I think more suitors will come out.

Like always, I will update you on this situation as it develops.


CoronaBlue said...

Has anyone else heard any more on the rumore on mlbtv network from tuesday about Ben Sheets been working out in texas and has been in talks with Cubs? Heard this Tuesday

waldo7239117 said...

I think the cubs will get Peavy this year and he will be apart of it. The padres need to shed money and they dont have alot of fans to come to there games to make money, that wont work.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

If we make a deal with clev. i hope its for SS Chisehall. And if we make a deal with SD, Peavy is the only guy i would take from them. Their minor league player aren't very good. Just my opinion

The Cubs Analyst said...

Even Though i Think The Cubs Should Keep Him. Your Right Angel Guzman Will Be Traded. and it will probably be to the Oakland A's For Bobby Crosby,because the cubs have had scouts Following The A's for a couple weeks.