Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some Good Notes!

Here is some good notes today regarding your Chicago Cubs-

- The Cubs are 4-0 in Spring Training and Micah Hoffpauir is stealing the show.

- The Cubs have lost out another former free agent. The Royals signed Juan Cruz today.

- The Cubs did add some more competition for the backup third base position. They signed Corey Koskie to a minor league contract. He will join the Cubs after the WBC, if he can pass a physical. Corey Koskie has been out the past two years and I hope he can return to form. He is a lifetime .275 hitter with a .367 OBP in over 3300 career ABs. If healthy he can give the Cubs a great backup at 3rd base. I still do not know how they are going to keep Gathright, Hoffpauir, and a backup for 3rd base on the 25 man roster without cutting the pitchers down to 11.

- Curt Schilling said that he would like to pitch for the Cubs or Rays this season and money is not an issue. He said he broke the curse with the Red Sox and he want to do the same with the Cubs or Rays. I would welcome Schilling with open arms. He is a great veteran presence, a gamer, big game pitcher, and firey guy. I would love Schilling on this team! Bruce Miles said the Cubs have not received a call from Schilling but are willing to sign him to a deal.

- Marmol changed his mind and will pitch in the WBC.

- Milton Bradley is still day to day with his quad injury. He also has some flu like symptoms. Do not worry the Cubs still have 35 Spring games left.

- I want to say the Cubs should start the year with 11 pitchers and 14 position players.
Vizcaino or Guzman

Position Players
K. Hill

More to Come, GOOO CUBS!


Cubbiefan07 said...

I don't like the idea of having only 11 pitchers. I don't want to see Jeff Samardzija left off the roster either!
If anyone has any Cubs questions/comments that they would like to see included on my blog ( Send them in an email to
Thanks, And Go Cubs Go!

Anonymous said...

so how do you guys feel about Marmol deciding to pitch for the WBC when he was vying with Gregg for the closer's position? Jimbo

waldo7239117 said...

I actully think Jake Foz will be the backup at third. He is playing pretty good in spring training. Who would you rather be the 5th starter Schilling or Marshall.
I pick Schilling, maybe he can be like Reed Johnson and Jim Edmonds. Low risk High Reward.
what do u think.

cubsfan82 said...

I think Marmol should have skipped the WBC just because I do not want him over pitched there.

I would pick Schilling over Marshall only Curt signs a minor league low price contract.

Jake Fox is good at the plate but not that good at defense at third. He is actually a catcher.