Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cubs Outfield Player Projections.

Here are my Chicago Cubs Outfielder Player Projections-

Alfonso Soriano- I think Soriano will have a near career year in all his stats and I also think sometime through out the year he will be dropped in the lineup giving him more RBI than we are use to seeing Soriano get. Soriano is said to be in the best shape of his life and working on his fielding and stealing a lot more. He is due for a great season.

Projection- .289 Avg./.330 OBP/39 Homeruns/90 RBI/29 SB

Milton Bradley- The Cubs key addition this off-season and he will prove that he can stay healthy and put up great numbers. I pick Bradley to start about 130 games next season and prove that he is the hitter the Cubs have been needing in their lineup.

Projection- .310 Avg./.408 OBP/20 Homeruns/80 RBI/6 SB

Kosuke Fukudome- He will have a solid year and play great defense in CF for the Cubs. He will not have a year like he did in Japan but he will have a good year for a CF in a platoon role. He may lead off some this year as well.

Projection- .285 Avg./.392 OBP/12 Homeruns/51 RBI/15 SB

Reed Johnson- He will have a similar year to last year but more stolen bases. He lost more weight and has gained some foot speed according to Cubs staff. He will be another great platoon partner for CF next season, getting about 300-350 ABs.

Projection- .299 Avg./.365 OBP/4 Homeruns/49 RBI/12 SB

Joey Gathright- He will get some starts for in place of the other outfielders but will be used a lot on the base paths. He will emerge as a fan favorite as well a key to this years team.

Projection- .259 Avg./.339 OBP/1 Homerun/24 RBI/21 SB

The Cubs will have one of the most productive outfields in the Majors according to my stats. Not only will they play really good defense they will provide power from the corners and a combination of speed, great defense, and some pop in CF. Their CF platoon this season will post about a .291 Avg/.374 OBP/16 Homers/100 RBI/27 SB together. That is perfect for a everyday guy in CF. This will be a very exciting outfield to watch this season both in the field and at the plate.


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