Friday, February 27, 2009

Micah Hoffpauir In, Derrek Lee Out?

The recent play of Micah Hoffpauir has the Cubs and their fans debating whether Hoffpauir deserves to start everyday. The bad thing is Lee mans first and Hoffpauir's defense in the outfield is below average.

So now the Chicago based radio shows along with Cub fans are debating whether the Cubs should trade the declining older Derrek Lee for the younger, cheaper, less proven Hoffpauir. I first want to say there is no doubt in my mind Derrek Lee is the Cubs Opening Day first baseman and I also think Hoffpauir will be on the ML roster as well. But lets take some looks at some categories that compare each player.

Age- Hoffpauir gets the nod because he is only 29 years old and Lee is 34.
Cost- Derrek Lee will cost the Cubs 26 million over the next two years. Hoffpauir will only cost them about a million.
Power- Hoffpauir provides the Cubs with the power they need from the left side of the plate. Lee has been on the decline for the past 3 years.
Leadership- Derrek Lee is the Cubs captain and a great vocal leader in the clubhouse.
Proven- Lee has proved time and time again he will put up good numbers. While Hoffpauir has only had 73 ABs at the ML level.
Average- Lee will provide the Cubs with a .285 or better hitter. Hoffpauir over the course of the season would not post a good average in my opinion.
OBP- Lee will strive here again. He is such a patient hitter and I see Hoffpauir getting in trouble with swinging wild during the long season.
RBI- It seems that Hoffpauir has a the edge in RBI situations. Lee has hit in too many double plays. I can see Hoffpauir driving in 100+ RBI in a full season.
SB- Lee will still steal some bags for you, Hoffpauir really won't.
Defense- Lee hands down.
Baseball Smarts- I can see Hoffpauir make some bone head mistakes that cost the Cubs some runs and maybe even some games. You will not have that with Lee.

Overall it just makes sense to keep Derrek Lee at 1st unless you know some team is interested in him and/or he will waive his no trade clause. Lee is the leader of this team and a proven baseball player. The Cubs cannot afford to go into the season with a guy that only has had 73 ML ABs over a guy who will play great defense and give you solid consistent numbers at the plate. I pick Derrek Lee.

Feel free to debate this!


waldo7239117 said...

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Anonymous said...

Lee is not a great leader and vocal in the clubhouse. He hardly talks and when he does it doesn't sound all that good. He just inst much of a leader in my mind.

Anonymous said...

I would give Lee this year, unless for some reason the Cubs get a SP and that team would want Lee. If the Cubs still have him after the year, which I think they will, they should look into trading him. Are there any FA next year that the Cubs like?

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I would keep them both, Lee would get 400 at bats Hoffpauir gets 200.
Lee gets tired in the second half.
I would give Theriot less at bats too he gets tired the last month.
2 years in a row now.

cubsfan82 said...


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cubsfan82 said...

Cubsland it really depends on if the Cubs make any trades. The Cubs will have guys like Soriano, Lee, Theriot, Fonty, Miles, Soto, Fukudome, Bradley, Z, Lilly, Dempster, Marmol, etc coming back next season baring trades.

The Cubs may need to fill in a starter if Harden leaves and maybe if Marshall does not work out or they may go in house with a guy like Shark or Rhee. They may need a CFer if Johnson leaves and Fukudome does not pan out.

There are some goo names out there that would interst the Cubs and some familar ones. Here are my list of guys-

Mark Derosa
Orlando Hudson
Akinori Iwamura- Has an option
Pacido Polanco- LIKE HIM
Chone Figgins- A Cubs organization favorite
Carl Crawford- Another answer to outfield woes.
Matt Holiday- Only if they trade an guy like Soriano would he be on the list of guys.
Wily Mo Pena
Rick Ankeil
Aubrey Huff

Erik Bedard
Justin Duchsherer
Brad Penny- If healthy
John Smoltz- If healthy
Bradon Webb!- Has on option though
Jose Valverde
Duaner Sanchez
Darren Oliver
Ron Mahay

Those are just a few lol

waldo7239117 said...

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