Monday, February 09, 2009

Players off the Markett and Other Cubs Notes

- Rich Aurilia is going to sign a minor league contract with the Giants. The Cubs and Phillies also offered him a minor league deal. It looks like Nomar is the only one left.

- The Astros are not trying to get Abreu or Dunn, thank goodness for that!

- The Brewers are getting ready to sign Braden Looper to a deal. The Cubs were interested in him at one point in the season but decided Marshall is a better fit and I agree.

- The Suntimes had a good article today from Gordon Wittenmyer saying the Cubs will go into camp looking for another veteran starter or Jake Peavy and a lead off man like Brian Roberts or Chone Figgins. Here is a good quote from Jim Hendry: "Lots of good players are left who haven't signed yet, and we'll continue to keep an eye on that, too.''

-Wittenmyer also says that the sell to Ricketts for the Cubs is nearly complete. This is the first we have heard of this since he was named top bid.

- There is a great interview with Holden Kushner on CCO. I suggest you check it out!

- Check out GROTA for the history on the Cubs jersey. My favorite jersey is the 1982 road blue uniforms. They were so cool!

- Came across this video. I know he did roids but man can he smack the ball!

That is it for now Cub Fans!


waldo7239117 said...

I think if the Cubs get Peavy they will have to settle with Figgins because it will be cheaper and how did you hear about what Gordon Wittenyer said. Can this trade work.

Cubs get Peavy and Figgins
Padres get Marshall Guzman Castilla Hart Stevens
Angels get Fontenot Ryan Flaherty

Figgins can play second then Aaroon Miles can backup third shortstop and second
Starting lineup then:
Starting Rotation
Harden (Rests his arm more)

What do u think of that

Anonymous said...

Sale almost complete??? Is there a link... and does this mean that the March/April blockbuster we were all talking about could be a February blockbuster? And, if this is true, it seems fishy. Every big baseball name has said that opening day would be a stretch.

Anonymous said...

So the deal to Ricketts is almost done.. hmm so you think we might fine out if could get like Hudson or Peavy??

Anonymous said...

Hudson would be a nice pick-up if he could play SS.....(maybe he can)

Those 1929 jerseys are by far the best.

I also wouldn't mind seeing that 1932 road jersey with the red cap. Red cap, red socks with our gray uni's could be sick! That could be something worth trying for this years team.