Sunday, February 08, 2009

Cubs in on Hudson, Rich Hill remarks, and other notes

- Nick Cafardo threw some good stuff out there today saying that a few of the Cubs organizational people want to sign Hudson but with impending transfer with the Cubs making it difficult. Hudson has been on and off the Cubs radar all this off season but with veteran players and all stars having to settle for one year deals he could be had for a 1 year 3-6 million bucks or maybe a 2 year deal worth 10 million would work. This would give the Cubs a legitimate leadoff guy with great patients (.346 career OBP), decent power (8-12 homers a year), and a career .282 average to boast, he would be a great addition to any team. He does not have the stolen bases but did Soriano really either?!? The best thing about Hudson is he is a good defensive 2nd baseman (which we have been missing for a while) and he is a switch hitter. The one thing it does by signing him is puts fonty back on the bench or to platoon with Theriot at SS. It also makes Miles come off the bench more and move Hoffpauir to Iowa. But I would do all that to sign Hudson.

- Rich Hill had some nice things to say about Hendry-

"[Cubs general manager] Jim Hendry really took care of me. He wanted to create an opportunity for me that he told me probably didn't exist in Chicago, so I'm grateful. I know Baltimore tried to deal for me last year and it didn't work out, but this time they made it work."

I am glad he is not taking it personal.

- The Giant have offered Rich Aurilia a minor league contract worth a million bucks. Rich would like to stay with the Giants and thinks they can work something out.

- Lou has said he would prefer to have another lefty in the rotation with Lilly, giving an edge to Sean Marshall for the last spot in the rotation.

- Jim Hendry might add a veteran during camp that can backup third base if he does not have a young star emerge as the 25th man. Guys like Nomar and Aurilia are still out there but Hendry could take the route he did with Reed Johnson last season rather than sign one now.

- With pitchers and catchers reporting in less than 5 days here are my top 3 guys to watch in Spring Training-

1. Esmailin Caridad- This guy will not likely make the team but this 25 year old righty will get a lot of Cub fans excited. He went 13-7 record with a 3.73 ERA between single and double A. The guy has a 92 MPH fastball but uses as a set up pitch for his dynamic curve and change up. Watch this guy, he could be in the rotation by next season or at least in the pen.

2. Welington Castillo- A guy linked to Peavy trade talk and it is no wonder the Padres would want him. He is a dynamic defensive player but has shown he can hit as well. He has a long stroke but very quick hands making him a good pull hitter. Watch this guy, he could make Soto expendable if he continues to hit and play good defense over the next couple years. He is compared to Geovany Soto/Ivan Rodriguez.

3. Bobby Scales- Not exactly a prospect at 31 years old but a good hitter and good defender that can play multiple positions. A switch hitter with decent power and setting career numbers last year of .320 avg., 94 runs, and a .415 OBP makes him may wild card to make the team and put Hoffpauir in AAA.

That is it for today, I will keep you updated with the latest Cubs info so stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

I think the cubs should add Hudson, then sign Braden Looper. Use the Peavy's salary to get these 2 guys and dont even worry about peavy. If we sign hudson, our Aurilla/Nomar type player will become Miles... who can play ever position possible.

Hudson S
Soriano R
Bradley S
Ramirez R
Lee R
Soto R
Fukudome L
Theriot R

Johnson OF
Gathright OF
Fontenot 2B/SS
Miles 2B/SS/3B/OF
Bako C

The only thing I dont know is who will back up Lee, but Hoffpauir in the minors is an easy call-up, especially with how many games Lee plays, and miles i think could fill in easy.


Unknown said...

Hahaha Soto isn't going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Hudson MAY have been considered by SOME in the Cubs hierarchy early in the off season, but no one in their right mind would consider Hudson as a suitable, let alone "legitimate" lead off hitter.

No pitcher would be afraid that he would steal a base. They might balk out of shear surprise, but they wouldn't be fearful enough to altar their pitch selection to the hitter.

His OBP is pedestrian at best, and certainly not worthy of obtaining him at the cost of playing time for Fontenot, who deserves it.

If the Cubs can not acquire Roberts or Figgins then they will be FAR better off with a leadoff rotation of Theriot, Miles, Johnson, Gathright or Fukudome.

One only has to compare the stats of Hudson with Fontenot, to know he has no place with the Cubs.

Anonymous said...

Hudson plays second base, not SS.

fwbaseball said...

Scales has quitely put together a pretty good minor leage career. I bet he gets a good look this Spring.