Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Peavy Has Spoken!

Thanks to MLBTR-'s Corey Brock passes along comments Jake Peavy made on XX Sports Radio in San Diego. Peavy said he's "dang glad" to be a Padre after an offseason of trade talks. Peavy said he understands that business decisions led to a "crazy winter."

Brock adds that GM Kevin Towers "has not had active discussions with any team regarding Peavy" since the Winter Meetings.

I have a feeling that Towers asked Peavy to make a statement and break his silence. In return Peavy will be dealt as soon as the Cubs ownership situation is settled. That is just my feeling on it. Why else would he say that out of the blue? And why now? Then KT's comment about Peavy discussions, which I felt was not necessary, are bogus. He even said if a deal is talked about or being worked on no one will know about it because he will not make it public.

Too many strange things here!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully it does mean trade. That's the only way they can make up for dealing a guy like Derosa. Getting him would turn what has been maybe a C Offseason to an A Offseason.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you! Just out of no where he says that is odd.. hmm then the report you had with the ownership being almost complete. Something has to be going on right now!!

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Peavy is doing damage control for the SD fans. He was caught saying he wanted to play for the cubs. Now
he's not going anywhere till june or july maybe. just my opinion.

Deacon D said...

Let's pray it does mean a trade is coming

Anonymous said...

What he said was a PR thing. It is all about public relations!