Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Manny Rumor Untrue. Cubs trying to get Raul Ibanez and other hot stove talk.

Well the information I got from one of my sources was untrue. The Cubs have no interest in Manny Ramirez and do not like his contract or situation going on in Boston. This team has good chemistry and they do not want to disrupt that with a guy like Manny. It should be noted that the BoSox are interested in Adam Dunn though, just in case your wondering.

Hot stove is red hot, lets take a look-

- On the Marty and Miller show on 1460 KXnO in Des Moines, they had David Kaplan on and he has some good information on the rumor front. David said the Cubs are trying to acquire Raul Ibanez through a trade with the Mariners. The M's wanted Felix Pie and Donald Veal in a deal for Ibanez and the Cubs said "no" to that. The talks are on going and if they were to acquire Ibanez either Daryl Ward or Jim Edmonds would be traded or put on waivers. Ibanez can play left, right and first base. By the way Ibanez is a lefty who post a .279 Avg., 15 homers, 62 RBI, with a .349 OBP. If acquired, I would imagine he would fill in for Fukudome and Soriano for an off day. You could also move Fukudome to CF and put Raul in RF, which would be OK but your giving up defense. I think I would trade Pie in a deal for him but not Veal. He would be a great upgrade from Edmonds and/or Ward. He would be a great pick up if the price went down.

- Will Carroll said today the Dodgers had brief talks with the Cubs about Scott Eyre and Ronny Cedeno but nothing came of it.

Tonight and tommarow should be a busy days for teams. I would be fine with the Cubs staying how they are or upgrading their team with a guy like Ibanez. I think he would be a decent replacement for Ward, or they could just bring up Hoffpauier again.


Joe said...

I'm not really feeling the Ibanez idea.

I would rather trade for a true part timer like Griffey.

Ward hasnt been himself this season... but will replacing him and then trading/cutting him go over well in the clubhouse?

I also agree that we can stand pat in this "need" and go in house with bringing Houff back. He would also be a lefty part timer with some pop that showed he can hit at this level... even if it was a small sample size as Len likes to say.

If the Yanks can get Pudge for Farnsworth... we GOT to be able to get something for Howry.

I still would be more comfortable if we can add one or two bullpen arms. Especially if they are young and can be sent back and forth to the minors. We need to keep our good arms like Marmol fresh while trying to add more.

Anonymous said...

we should look into adam dunn....and ibanez would def start in right field for us, he is a solid bat. we would move fukudome to center.

Anonymous said...

milton bradley??

el gigante said...

Hey Jimbo looks like your lame Jimmy Baseball "Strikeout" comment woke up his lumber. Keep it up. How you like that grand slam Jimbo!!!! Can you smell what The Jimmy is cooking for you?!?!