Sunday, August 03, 2008

Cubs Rumors and notes.

-Mark Cuban has been named the front runner by MLB execs and by other potential buyers of the Cubs, to win the bid to buy the Cubs. I really hope he becomes the Cubs next owner!

- The Cubs have minor interest in Felipe Lopez. He would be likely to be signed to a minor league contract with the availability to be called up in case of injury or when the roster size increases to 40.

- Lieber will start rehab and could be activated anytime. It is said he could be placed on waivers or outright released to make room for Wood. It hard to make room for a guy when your pen has been solid.

- Hill was doing well until he went to AAA. Do not count on him at all this year.

- Wood is feeling great and threw to some guys today and yesterday. He could be back anytime.

- Of course the Cubs did not make any moves at the deadline but that does not mean the Cubs won't make moves if the right guy is put on waivers. They could also put guys like Lieber on the waiver wire. One rumor is the Rockies have interest in Jason Marquis as their 5th starter, I am not sure if he will pass through waivers but as of right now I like the depth in our rotation.


Joe said...

Marquis was one of the first names I figured the Cubs could sneak through waivers due to his contract. He has the rest of this season plus $7 mil or so next year right? Although I guess its not that expensive in the current market value of SP... it is pretty high for a guy with his stats.

I hope there is a way to find room for Lieber on the roster. If you ask me, Marquis and Howry should be the first to go before Lieber.

Anonymous said...

adam dunn off waivers?

Joe said...

Eyre was DFA today. Not happy. I know you dont get points for being a good clubhouse guy... but if you ask me... Marquis, Howry, and Ward are off the team before I even consider cutting Eyre strictly for roster space.

I know Marquis contract makes him a difficult cut. But how poetic was it that Howry came out to justify his safe job by blowing another lead and giving up another HR. I love Hendry and he his good moves dwarf his bad ones... but him and Lou slipped up on this one.

Or maybe it was just Lou's call. For some reason he just never warmed up to Eyre. Put him in the dog house in the first half of 07... finally was able to prove his worth with a stellar 2nd half. This first half he was slowed by injuries and according to the Cubs interview with Eyre before he left today, Eyre felt the beginning of the end was the granny he gave up to CC in TB.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Eyre is gone. Wood is back. Good move by the CUBS.

Anonymous said...

send off howry on waivers and bring up ceda. he is pitching really well and maybe he can spark the bullpen like marmol did.