Monday, July 28, 2008

Jim says done dealing, yet rumors keep rolling in.

Jim Hendry said yesterday barring an injury the Cubs will stay with what they got but some more rumors have been rolling in.

The first rumors involves the Cubs shopping relievers Scott Eyre and Bob Howry who are both in the final year of their contracts. They could net the Cubs some decent prospects considering the relief market is diminishing by the day. The White Sox could be suitors for both.

The next rumor sounds a little far fetched but if it whispers I will pass it on to you. Theo Epstien has said he will make an effort to deal Manny Ramirez if he waives his no trade clause( which Manram has already he said he would if it benefited him and the BoSox). Manny has a club option for 09-10 for 20 million a season which is pretty steep but a team could just decline it if they do not have the resources or need for Manny next season. While the the trade seems unlikely to me because the Sox are going to want a big hitter in return for him, it is still a possibility. The rumor is a three way deal that involves the Red Sox, Reds, and yes the Cubs. Although I do not have all the names involved, I have heard the Red Sox would get Adam Dunn, the Cubs would get Manny Ramirez, and the Reds would get young pitching and prospects from both clubs I would assume.

Here is why this makes sense to me-

Red Sox- The Sox would get rid of the headache of Manram and get a big lefty bat that has more power and about the same defense as Manny. Not to mention their clubhouse would immediately get better with the Manny circus gone.

Reds- Instead of losing Adam Dunn to free agency and just getting Draft pick compensation for him they would get some good prospects that could help out their pen and rotation. Their farm system is not the greatest so this would really help the restock.

Cubs- While this potential deal could cost the Cubs some good prospects, chemistry issues, and lose some defense in the outfield, it does improve the lineup. Manny is such a great hitter, I would even say one of the best hitters in baseball. With him being in a hitter friendly park would be such a joy to watch. Yes, we would have to deal with Manny being Manny, but gosh what a lineup it would be by adding him in there. One issue is where to put him?? I would think the Cubs would move Fukudome to CF, Soriano in LF, and Manny in RF. Manny in RF does scare me though. The other issue is do you get rid of Edmonds or Johnson??

There is a lot of question marks in this potential rumored deal and I am just passing on what I am hearing. I personally have mixed feeling about the deal but check out this lineup-

Soriano LF
Fukudome CF
Lee 1st
Aram 3b
ManRam RF
Soto C
Derosa 2b
Theriot SS


Anonymous said...

where did you hear it at

Anonymous said...

do you have a source for this rumor?

Joe said...

Freakin ship Howry's @$$ back to the South Side. If he wants to keep suckin @$$ let him do it where he first started to.

Scott Eyre found himself in Lou's doghouse real quick at the start of last season. Why isnt Lou doin the same with Howry at this point?

Manny is tempting... but I dont see the Cubs being able to find a place in the field for him.

I wouldnt mind a Griffey as a part timer or a lefty arm in the pen.

Anonymous said...

that would be a nasty line-up, but seriously where did this rumor come from? i haven't seen it anywhere? also, what prospects could we expect to give up? if we have to give up samarjia (spelling wrong), ceda, or veal i don't know if i would do it.

stain66 said...

first of all, if that deal did go down, Manny would not bat fifth. He would be our number three hitter or cleanup, and we would shuffle around Aram and Dlee. I am 99.9% sure that this deal won't happen. Because where would he play? Ur not moving soriano to center, no way no how. U could move Fuku to center, but can manny play right at Wrigley, noted as one of the hardest right fields in baseball? it would be awesome but its a stretch

Anonymous said...

If this "so called rumor" is true, then hell ya i'd do it. Can you imagine our lineup? I mean wow, we can even bat him 3rd n move Lee down!

Rockin' the Blue Note said...

Manny being Manny won't be welcome in Chicago (especially at 20 million a year).

Anonymous said...

manny is a cancer, plain and simple. he is amazing and great, but he is all about himself and money.

Anonymous said...

Are you hearing any rumors about hendry making a deal or is it one of those years where he sneaks in a deal??

Anonymous said...

when/if we add an outfielder let's hope we get rid of Edmonds somehow.
Jimmy Strikeout has proven himself only as a flash in the pan. i wouldn't mind him as an instructor in spring training, but his only consistency is whiffing at the plate. Jimbo

Anonymous said...

Raul Ibanez