Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Murton to Red Sox soon???

The Red Sox have been upset with JD Drew's "injury woes" and are looking at other possibilities for RF. They currently have CoCo Crisp that can fill the position of right field but they need a young inexpensive righty with power that could platoon with Drew or fill in if he gets hurt. The Sox are not to keen on the idea of having Crisp no power bat in the lineup so they have expressed interest in Matt Murton, Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, Kendry Morales, and Juan Rivera.

The Cubs are actively shopping Murton but want a top 3 prospect in return for the slugging red head. The Cubs may require a guy like Jed Lowrie, Oscar Tejeda, Justin Masterson, or Kris Johnson for Murton.

The Pirates are currently looking at Murton as a possible replacement for Bay or Nady if they are traded. The Cubs might ask for Daniel Moskos. The Padres have had their eye on him and the Cubs are rumored to want Will Inman in a deal for Murton.

It just seems that Murton will find a home sooner rather than later.

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