Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Marquis heading East???

The Mets have lost there #2 starter, Pedro, for an undetermined amount of time. They are set to give him a MRI today so they can have a better time table on when he is due back. The Mets are now in need for a pitcher. They have no one in the farm that can fill the spot and they are looking to add a pitcher without giving up too much. The Mets are looking at free agents Vargas, Weaver, Wells, and Williams. They also have interest in Marquis, Lee, Morris, and Reyes. This is the Cubs perfect opportunity to dump Marquis and his salary while inserting Lieber into the rotation. I would take a midlevel prospect for Marquis if they paid his contract. I still have a sour taste in my mouth about the way the whole rotation thing was handled. This is a good way to correct that!


Kamel said...

I dont mind the Opening Day loss... but its a real piss off when you lose hurting yourself with errors.

Anonymous said...

how can Lou P and posters like Glacier consider Marquis' 14-16 wins each year so unacceptable? get him some run support (which he'll aid with his bat) and be happy your 5TH starter can guarantee this amount of wins. he can win 17-18 with NY. Jimbo

Glacier said...

Wins are one of the least important stats for a pitcher. Hill had less wins than marquis last year.. does that mean Marquis is better than Hill? exactly!! Marquis sucked absolutley horrible in the second half and he has done that bad the last few years now.

And another thing im fine with either marquis or demp in the five spot but why is lieber in the bullpen when he pitched better then both? OH i know why because Marquis isn't a team player and bitched and moaned like a little girl to get his way.

Jimbo whats your response to that?

Anonymous said...

Marquis gets a lot of wins because like Zambrano, he pitches a lot of innings. is that a more important stat than wins or does it go hand in hand? maybe Marquis can have a stronger 2nd half with a stronger 2nd-half team...and manager. Lou is a quitter, we'll see, and that's what Marquis responded to, being quit upon, not given a chance to compete. Vamos a ver, Jimbo