Monday, March 10, 2008

Cubs Notes and Rumors.

- Derosa made his first start since his heart procedure. He went 0 for 3.

- Pie will have surgery to correct testicular torsion and will be sidelined three to five days.

- The rumor that the Cubs offered Fuld and Marquis for Crisp is just that and it seems the Sox are willing to give Colon a chance over trading for Marquis.

- Brian Roberts rumors have died down again but there were O's scouts watching Gallagher yesterday since he is considered to be the main piece in the potential trade. Peter Gammons had something good to say tho-

The Cubs will eventually get Brian Roberts. Andy MacPhail has to decide whom he wants. But the Cubs are convinced it will happen.

- The Cubs are looking to get a switch hitting or right handed bat for the outfield. A guy that can play all outfield positions. The Cubs currently do not have one on there roster. They have inquired on Byrd( asking price too high), Crisp( asking price to high, wants to start somewhere), Payton( could be apart of deal for Roberts), Willits( currently not available), Spilborghs( currently not available), and Ryan Freel( who the Reds will trade but unlikely within the division).


thatcubsfan said...

Hopefully Pie won't slow down when he gets back to playing this weekend. I pray his surgery goes well and there are no setbacks (supposed to be minor surgery so I'm not to worried). As for the Roberts update, a deal will probably still get done so that is great news.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Since the asking price is to high, or the players are unavailable. What about Rayburn of Detroit they are looking for relief pitching. He has power, speed and plays center. Last year when they promoted him he hit over 300. Also bats right handed.

Joe said...

I'm glad Red Sox turned down the deal. I dont think we need to include Fuld... although he would become expendable if we got Crisp and Pie splittin time in the OF.