Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lou looking at lineup changes and O's and Cubs have agreed on 2 players.

-Lou looks like he will shake up the lineup a bit. He want to move Soriano down to the #2 spot because his legs are still not 100%. Theriot will leadoff, Lee will bat 3rd, Aram 4th and Fukudome in the 5th spot. I like this idea, it won't put stress on Soriano to steal bases and use his legs as much but yet he still near the top incase he wants to do so. Fukudome in the 2 or 5th spot works for me. In the fifth Lou thinks he will be a good RBI guy with good plate discipline and good protection for Aram. I think if the Cubs acquired Roberts this is a very similar lineup in what you would see except Theriot would be in the 7th or 8th spot and Roberts would lead off.

-According to league official the Cubs have agreed to send the O's Gallagher and Cedeno as a part of the Roberts deal. The hang up is on the other 2 or 3 players the Cubs would send along with Ronny and Sean. The Cubs also may want Payton in the deal and that would likely cost them disgruntled pitcher Jason Marquis. This deal is not done yet but officials say the deal will be done within the week.