Friday, February 08, 2008

Bedard deal complete. Roberts next?

Thanks to Ken Rosenthal-

The Erik Bedard trade finally is official.
The Mariners have obtained Bedard from the Orioles for a package of five players — outfielder Adam Jones, left-handed reliever George Sherrill and pitching prospects Chris Tillman, Tony Butler and Kam Mickolio.

The Seattle players in the deal have been notified that the trade is complete, according to a major-league source. Bedard took his physical Thursday, the final step toward completing the long-awaited trade.

Bedard emerged last year as a top-of-the-line starter, going 13-5 with a 3.16 ERA and 221 strikeouts. He missed the last month of the season with a muscle strain near his right rib cage.
Jones, the most enticing piece of the trade for Baltimore, was called up by the Mariners last August. He hit .246 with two home runs in 65 at-bats. He was expected to compete for a starting job in Seattle's outfield this spring.

The Orioles' trade of Bedard signals a major reconstruction. Another significant deal involving second baseman Brian Roberts could follow soon. The Cubs remain heavily interested in Roberts, and the Orioles could receive prospects such as pitcher Sean Gallagher and outfielder Felix Pie or veterans such as RHP Jason Marquis and outfielder Matt Murton.

Earlier this offseason, the Orioles traded shortstop Miguel Tejada to the Astros for five younger players.

I would be very happy if the O's take a trade that included Marquis and Murton. I do not want to give up Pie in a deal for Roberts and I don't see why they would want Pie when they have Jones in CF, Markakis in RF, and Scott in LF. You can use a platoon in LF with Murton and Scott which seems like a good fit. I honestly would like to see a deal that has Marshall, Marquis, Murton and Cedeno going to the O's for Roberts. Seems fair to me. If they threw in Sherrill I think a deal that included Colvin, Murton, Gallagher, Cedeno, and Marshall could get it done. Seems like a lot of players to give up but your not giving up Pie, Hill, or Marmol in the deal. I look at it this way, your trading 5 players with upside for 2 proven ML players that can make this team better now. I say do it! Thats just my opinion.


Joe said...

I agree... they look pretty set in the OF. Thats why I dont think they will want Murton... maybe not even Colvin even though he is about a year away.

I would think the Os would want to stock up on some young IFs now that they have dealt away their middle IF.

Cedeno is definitely the name that has come up regularly. E Patt has also been mentioned. I'm surprised Fontenots name hasnt come up.

I would figure our package would be all Ps and IFs.

Anonymous said...

Orioles have 1 pitcher with 200+ innings Cabrera, 1 with 175 innings Guthrie, and 3 with less than 100 innings between them Olson, Patton, and Loewen. That makes me think that Marquis would be included in any trade, so he could eat up some innings. Because the Orioles 40 man roster is pretty full with good players, i also think players not on the cubs 40 man roster may be used in the trade. Like Colvin, Roquet, Petrick, Holliman. Thats not to say there cant be 2 or 3 from the roster, but not all 5 players. Just a thought. Nick I

Harry Pavlidis said...

Fontenot came from Baltimore to begin with. They drafted him #1, but sent him over here in the Sosa deal. I could see them wanting him back, especially if we take Roberts.

As far as Colvin goes, I'd be more scared to trade him than Pie.

Murton and Marquis would be perfectly fine - I hate to see Murton go, but his best value for this team is what he can bring in a trade (and I don't mean part of Marlon Byrd).