Monday, February 04, 2008

Bedard deal almost done, Roberts deal done by the weekend??

According to ESPN the Bedard deal is finally near completion. Adam Jones and the rest of the players in the deal are now getting physicals. Once completed the deal will likely be announced this afternoon or tomorrow morning. League Officials now expect the deal that would send Roberts to the Cubs to be finalized and completed by the weekend. They now expect that George Sherrill to be part of the deal. The O's have no use for a 31 year old reliever in there pen and want to get younger. Sherrill will ensure that the O's will get at least two pitchers in the deal from the Cubs. They have stated that the Cubs are in desperate need for another lefty in the pen and the deal would include two of Gallagher, Marquis, and Marshall. Officials say that the deal will include at least 4 to 6 players going to the O's for Roberts and Sherrill.

Here is a link to Sherrill stats-

Here are a list of players that I think could be included in the deal-

Sean Gallagher*
Sean Marshall*
Jason Marquis
Eric Patterson*
Matt Murton
Ronny Cedeno*
Tyler Colvin*
Kevin Hart

* indicates most likely to go in a deal


Anonymous said...

Once the seattle deal is done Baltimore will not need any more outfielders. they will have Markakis,Scott, and Jones. So Cedano, Patterson, Marshall, Gallagher, Pignatiello, and Ascanio gets us Sherrill and Roberts. Nick I

Joe said...

Maybe we can include our Rule 5 guy? From what I've heard of him I like his stuff... but we've already got a deep bullpen in terms of hard throwing rightys (Marmol, Wood, Howry) along with several of our own kids in Hart, Guzman, Petrick, Ascanio, etc.

The Rule 5 kid has a better chance of stickin on the O's roster all season long than being on our 25 man roster all season long.

Anonymous said...

is this even true?

thatcubsfan said...

I'm not sure I would want to get Sherrill. The majority of our righthanders (Eyre is the only lefty) in the pen are effective against left and right handed batters I believe.

Anonymous said...

This deal would leave us with two big holes in our mid inf. Would we go after jack wilson for ss, and let cedano, epat, fahey and hernandez battle for 2b. I could stomach one of them as a starter but not two of them.

Joe said...

The O's are officially two feet in rebuilding mode if they finally finish up the Bedard deal.

I understand it'll be hard for you to handle having both of your 06 middle IF starters sent packing... but in the long term goal its what you have to do. Keeping Roberts isnt going to help make up the double digit wins you lose by trading Bedard.

You're going to have to let the kids you have and the kids you will acquire get their lumps at the ML level and let them develop.

In a division that features high spending powerhouses like the Red Sox and Yanks... the O's will need to follow the game plan of the A's and try to stock up young talent that they can field a competitive team with all at once a few years down the line. The dealing of Bedard and Roberts is key to getting the return necessary to make that a reality.