Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Rumors will start heating up fast!

The rumors are expected to start heating up now that the holiday season is drawing to a close. The most active market is expected to be free agent starting pitching as well as numerous teams looking to fill there voids via trade. Lets take a look at some of the Cubbie rumors, shall we-

-The Orioles have backed off on the idea of trading Brian Roberts, but talks between the Cubs and O's are still strong.

- Both Chicago teams are interested in acquiring Corey Patterson. If the Cubs got Patterson, look for him to compete for the starting CF job. Also if the Cubs get Cpatt, don't look at Figgins or Lofton being in Cubbie blue next year. I don't see the appeal of Cpatt except for the price.

- Livan Hernandez is in serious negotiations with an unknown team. Livan has been linked to the Rox, Cards, and Mets. I wouldn't be surprised if the Cubs sneak in there and get him.

- Cubs could take a look at Mike Cameron as a platoon partner with Felix Pie in CF next season. It would be a great defensive platoon and also give the Cubs decent offensive numbers. Cameron has good power, hitting 20+ in 6 of the 9 previous years. Has struggled with his average and consistency in OBP but can play all three outfield spots and would be a good option of a platoon/bench player for the Cubs. I honestly think they should just sign Lofton and be done with the outfield!


Anonymous said...

MLB Rumors says cubs are intrested in Yu Darvish a 21 year old pitcher from Japan. Do you have any stats on this kid? also cubs don't need Hernandez they have enough average pitchers. They don't need Lofton either Fuld can do that job. Lets get a great pitcher or else let the young cubs pitch, Hart, Gallagher, Marshall even Veal may be ready. Nick I

Kamel said...

I would order it Figgins, C Patt, Lofton. C Patt only gets the nod over Lofton cause of his younger age, which still leaves the window open a crack for some upside. Dont get me wrong, I love Lofton and I know he is clutch in the postseason, but I think C Patt can produce the same numbers while pickin it better in CF.

I hope the Cubs dont go for Livan. After watching him sneak off the hook inning after inning in the playoffs against us last year, I dont want to be the team on the hook when he finally falls apart at his age. Marquis can give us the innings and better first half numbers than Livan.

I dont mind Cameron as long as its strictly a platoon with Pie. Would probably make more sense over Lofton and C Patt in that he can play all OF spots and is RH. But Figgins would be my dream target for CF.