Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cubs should trade for Ryan Spilborghs!

The Rockies have a good problem on there hands, they have too many young outfielders. They currently have Hawpe in RF, Taveras in CF, and Holliday in LF. Leaving Baker, Sullivan, Smith, Spilborghs, and a young guy in the minors named Joe Gaetti to fight over the 4th and 5th spot in the OF. The Rockies are currently looking for pitching and considering bring in a low tear pitcher or a rehab starter. This makes the Cubs a perfect trading partner for the Rockies. The Rockies could use one of there young studs to lure young or veteran pitching from the Cubs. The Cubs need a right or left handed hitting OF to platoon with Pie and give Fukudome and Soriano days off. They also need a guy that can play all three outfield positions, play good defense and hit well. Ryan Spilborghs is that guy.

Spilly has incredible numbers despite his terrible numbers in the playoffs. He hit .299 with 11 homers, 51 rbi, and 4 SB. He has a great OBP of .363 and also did well in the minors batting .323. He plays really good defense and has an above average arm.

The Rockies can get quality pitching for him. The Cubs earlier in the off season had talks of a Ohman for Spilborghs deal but nothing materialized. I think a deal like Epatt or Font with either Dempster or Marshall should get the deal going. I would even consider trading Gallagher for Spilborghs straight up( only if the O's don't want him in the Roberts trade).

Of course the Cubs could go with Angel Pagan, but he is no Ryan Spilborghs. This would also give them the freedom to trade Murton and Pagan to another team that needs outfield help.

This trade in my opinion would really help out both teams. Can you imagine a Spilborghs/Pie platoon next year?!?! That would be nasty!


Anonymous said...

I like Spilborghs too. He makes about 400,000. Dempster about 5mil.It would have to be one of the cubs cheaper pitchers. But it should take no more than one pitcher to get him. Nick

cubsfan82 said...

The only way the Rox would take Dempster is if we pay some of his contract. I think a position player and pitcher would get it done. Fontanoe and Marshall would be ideal or Demp and midlevel prospect for Spilly. I could see us paying 3 of the 5 million to get rid of Dempster and get Spilly.