Saturday, January 05, 2008

Levine on ESPN1000-

On ESPN 1000-

The Brian Roberts trade talks are really heating up again. The O's want Cedeno(who Baltimore covets) along with Gallagher, Marshall, or Veal. There is no mention on Epatt or Murton though they have been rumored in the deal. He can see a trade happening soon so the Cubs can move on to starting pitching.

Levine was asked if Cedeno is traded who will fill in as a back-up SS? He said the Cubs have showed interest in middle infielder Alex Cintron. Cintron hit .243 with 2 homers and 19 RBI and .281 OBP last season in 68 games. Seems like ok replacement for Cedeno. He is also a switch hitter which gives Lou some options. I much rather see them trade for Felipe Lopez or Christian Guzman who is available.

He also notes the Cubs have shown interest in Jon Leiber as the back of rotation type guy. Lieber has been fragile the past couple of years. Not pitching over 200 innings the past two years but he could be a good # 5. He did well with the Cubs form 99 to 2002 and went 20-6 in 01 for them. I wouldn't mind bring back Lieber. Adding him would provide depth in the rotation which I think we need. Here is what the rotation could look like-

Marquis/ Dempster/ Lieber/ Hart
Marquis/ Dempster/ Lieber/ Hart

It would be nice to have a least 3 to 4 guys battling for the last two spots in the rotation. I would prefer to trade for a #2 or 3 pitcher like Blanton but that doesn't seem likely. If the Cubs consider bring back Lieber they need to consider looking at Livan.


Anonymous said...

I don't like Lieber we need to get a better than average pitcher. Nick I

Bernie F. said...

Lieber would be good in the 5th spot. But I am guessing that someone else younger and more durable is in the works.

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