Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stark said Cubs wanted Bedard and Roberts. Cubs should sign Lofton. Fukudome announced today!


For all the crazy Cubs fans we've got here: Stark says they've talked to the Orioles about both Brian Roberts and Erik Bedard, but couldn't pull off a deal for both. They favor Roberts even though they need Bedard much more.

The O's probably wanted Hill included in a deal for Roberts and Bedard. That is why a deal probably wont be pulled off for both. I really hope the Cubs get Roberts, he would be an upgrade to Derosa and create a spark at the top of the lineup.


Lofton is starting to draw a lot of interest from many clubs including the Phils, Cards, White Sox, Twins, and Padres. I think the Cubs should sign him soon. Lofton is a valuable top or bottom of the order type guy. He still can put out good numbers and be decent defensively. He hit .296 with 7 homers 38 rbi and 23 SB in 490 AB. He posted a great .362 OBP and has a career OBP of .372. He would be a great platoon partner with Pie. Or if Pie and Fuld are not ready for the majors he could be a great stop gap. I have always like Lofton and think acquiring him would really give Lou more options in the outfield and a plan B if Pie doesn't pan out.


Fukudome officially announced-


Joe said...

Yeah... good move by Cubs if a Bedard deal requires sending Hill. I would say skill wise Bedard is only one year ahead of Hill... so its not much of an upgrade. Besides... Bedard has only had one great season. He like Hill is still young and could take a step back stats wise. Thats why I only say Hill for Santana... a proven vet, a proven top of the rotation guy that Hill could only match after two or three years of MLB experience.

supercapo said...

Maybe I am wrong, but if the Cubs are looking at both Bedard and Roberts, but can only afford one of them. I would go with Bedard over Roberts any day. A solid starter is what this team really needs. How can they justify not trading for Bedard if they have the chance?