Monday, December 17, 2007

Indians looking for corner outfielder. Could Cubs be a match for trade??

I got the idea from here-

OK, this is just my thoughts. If the Indians are looking for a corner outfielder with decent power, good average, decent OBP.Why not a low cost guy like Matt Murton??

Matt Murton hit .281 with 8 homeruns and 22 rbi in just 235 AB. He also posted a .352 OBP which isnt too shabby.

Lets see how this compares to what the Indians have right now-

Jason Michaels- .270 7 homers and 39 rbi in 267 AB. He posted a .324 OBP.

Franklin Gutierrez - .266 with 13 homers and 36 rbi in 271 AB. He posted a .309 OBP.

Murton has similar batting average, homers, and rbi but has a much higher OBP than what they have right now. Murton fits the bill of an Indians type player, he works hard and he isn't a superstar but a decent player. I think the Cubs and Indians could match up well in a trade. What can the Indians give the Cubs???

Cliff Lee- The Indians are taking offers for him. He is a good lefty that could be used in the pen or rotation. He would cost a lot more than just Murton though.

Jhonny Peralta- The Indians want to move him to another position to make way for Cabrera at SS. They entertained the thought of putting him at 1st but they like having Garko at first because of his defense and bat. Now they have a problem and maybe willing to deal the hard hitting Peralta. Again it will cost more than just Murton.

Franklin Gutierrez- Very similar to Murton with one big difference. He can play all three OF spots and that is something the Cubs need. You could probably get him just for Murton.

This is just a thought I would share idea with you guys and see what you all think.


Kamel said...

Love the ideas... gotta keep being creative.

Peralta is a good idea if it wont cost too much along with Murt and if inserting him at SS is a significant upgrade over The Riot.

I dont see them dealing Gutierrez to us for Murt because if they are similar players with the exception of OF versatility... then I'm sure the Indians would rather stand pat on that proposed deal.

Lee is a pitcher with some upside... but if for the rotation... we are already lefty heavy with Lilly, Hill, and Marshall.

Unless we can get a sexy prospect for Murt whom we can turn around and package in a bigger deal for the someone such as Blanton... I dont see the Indians as a dance partner.

supercapo said...

I would like to see the Cubs send Murton and E-Pat to Cleveland for Peralta. I think that he would be an improvement offensively over Theriot.

Kamel said...

MLB Rumors reporting that Roberts admitted to The Sun that he used steroids once in 2003.

He hasnt been caught via a test in the past couple years and his numbers as a top of the order guy have been consistent since then... so in my opinion doesnt deter me from wanting him to come to the Cubs

I think 03 was that one year where he started out hot in terms of number of HRs... but we arent looking for that if we get him.

What I'm hoping is that it helps the Cubs end up getting him for cheaper. Also would be nice if the O Hudson rumors also helps the Orioles make a quicker decision on a deal.