Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cubs want Bedard?? Roberts admits to using steriods.

Thanks to MLBTR-

Cubs Interested In Bedard?
With the volume of rumors that flew around during the Winter Meetings, it's easy to get confused. Luckily MLBTR has archives of everything. That's how we were able to research the Cubs' alleged interest in Erik Bedard.

It started on December 4th with Joel Sherman saying the Cubs were part of a pool competing for Bedard that contained 8-10 teams. Then three days later, Bruce Miles reported that Bedard was "not on the Cubs' radar screen."

The latest, per an uncredited blurb on ESPN Rumor Central: "In recent days, the Cubs let their interest be known." The blurb also references the Seattle PI, perhaps this article, but there's no Cubs reference there.

Anyway, it makes sense that Jim Hendry and Andy MacPhail would at least have a high-level Bedard discussion. The Cubs need a pitcher like him, they've liked him before, and they do have some decent young talent.

Bedard is the best pitcher out there via trade minus Santana. He went 13-5 on a really bad team with a 3.16 era and 221 strikeouts. He has pitched under 200 innings every year which is a downfall to him along with him being a lefty. What if the Cubs tried to trade for him and Roberts?? Now that is a blockbuster!

Bedard and Roberts would cost a lot of young talent. Were talking some players like Marshall, Gallagher, Pie, Veal, Murton etc.

According to MLBRUMORS-

In an interview with The Sun, Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts admitted to using steroids "once" in 2003. He said since then, however, he has not done it since. He calls it a terrible decision, but this could lead to the Orioles trading him, similar to what they did with Miguel Tejada. The Cubs are interested, but the Orioles might have to be willing to lower their price to get something done since Roberts was named.

I think Roberts value will not decrease that much. Hendry still loves the fact of Roberts being an everyday 2nd baseman for the Cubs. It will be interesting if something happens before Christmas but I it doesn't seem likely.

Wouldn't everyone have a great Christmas if the Cubs aquired both Roberts and Bedard before Christmas day? Especially if they don't give up Pie or Hill! I know I would!

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