Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cubs sign some good minor leaguers. Fukudome to meet with US agent.

Chicago Cubs Signed:
RHP Cory Bailey

C J.D. Closser

C Danny Fatheree

SS Andres Blanco

OF Andres Torres

Some really decent minor leaguers!

Fukudome is to meet with his agent in the US and see what offers he may get or already have gotten from MLB clubs. The Cubs have said that there biggest need is a power hitting, high OBP lefthander to play right field and its no secret that the Cubs have scouted him and will make a big push for him. He is reportedly wanting 3 years 30 million which seems fair but I expect the Cubs to overpay to get him signed as quickly as possible. I expect the Cubs to make a 4 year 50-55 million dollar contract loaded with incentives comparable to Dice-K.


Anonymous said...

Now that some relievers have signed deals (Cordero to Reds, Linebrink to White Sox, that Japanese dude to Indians), I think the Cubs should overpay for Wood and/or offer him a fair shot at closing, now that Demp has been moved to a SP. Wood isnt going to get offered that job from any major contending teams like the Yanks, Phils, and Red Sox.

The Brewers could be a threat since they just lost Cordero, but would they go as high as the 4 year $40+ mil they offered Cordero to Wood who has no closing experience?

If Wood isnt interesting in the closing job but the set up instead, give him Linebrink money but with a opt out clause. If Wood is able to string together a couple healthy full seasons of great production, he can opt out of the deal and look to cash in. If he gets hurt again or isnt as productive, he'll still have a more than fair deal to sit back on.

BleedCubbieBlue33 said...

I hope we can land Fukudome. We're in need of a lefty. He could be a great #2 hitter behind Soriano. I hope he isn't a bust though. I hope he proves to be good and not overpay a bad or ok player.

BleedCubbieBlue33 said...

I hope we can land Fukudome because we're in need of a lefty. He'd be a great #2 hitter behind Soriano. I don't want to see him become a bust and waste a bunch of money on a useless guy.

Anonymous said...

Cubs resign Wood to one year deal per

Anonymous said...

cubs won't sign fukudome, they won't trade for crawford, the cubs lineup will look like this next year,


cubsfan82 said...

The cubs will not stand pat. If they dont get Crawford or Fukudome expect them to sign Bradley, trade for Church or Drew.. Or maybe sign a CFer like Rowand or Jones and put Pie in RF.

Another words Murton starting in RF not gonna happen